Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CEIVA Digital HD Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

When you have a look at your favorite photos in motion in a digital photo frame you feel some kind of happiness. But I would assure you that when you see your Favorite Photos in motion in CEIVA Digital HD Photo Frame then you not only feel the happiness within you, but you will get to imagine the true occasion while the photo was taken since you are viewing with the CEIVA photo frame which has a HD screen providing you a crystal clear real picture. This is 8” photo frame where you can directly transfer your photos from your camera phone or email. After you take snaps with you camera mobile, which is of small resolution, you will like to view it in a better resolution and now it is CEIVA photo frame that helps you. With the of the PICTURE PLAN that is provided with this photo frame you can directly send or share photos to CEIVA photo frame without the need of a computer. What you need to do is just connect this photo frame via an existing phone line or Wi-Fi and then start transferring photos from either a mobile phone or computer or email or you can also send or receive these photos to or from your friends present anywhere in this world. This feature is something unique in this photo frame from other where you cannot send or receive photos from anywhere in this world. You can also directly upload unlimited photos from your CEIVA photo frame memory card to any other storage medium.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Surfing In Net

Net is the only source where we you can do miracles. What ever you need you can get it through Net. When you feel like making a shopping then you can directly browse through the net for your requirements and get it purchased online. You can share many files, photos, make friends, search for some details and also study through internet. There are many search engines like google, yahoo and MSN that help us in making an easy access through we pages based on our requirement. When you feel bored you can start your surfing and find new articles published in net or get some updated news that are available in the search engine page. When you feel like searching some specific topic, then you can directly give the words where the search engine exactly matches and provides that most near result. So Net is all the best way that helps you in all aspect.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Yesterday was the Big Day, Christmas, the day everyone were expecting to decorate their house with Christmas Tree with many side fits and glowing stars ganging everywhere. This Christmas is celebrated a day before the festival where people gather in church for their prayer and extend it till the morning. A special Santa comes to every door steps and provide a beautiful gift lovable by all. Cakes of different shapes and different flavor are cut into pieces and are shared with friends and neighbors. Parties are kept where they have a dance with their loved ones, share their love and provide gifts to one another. All the stores, hotels, colleges, schools are decorated with shining stars and Christmas Trees are kept everywhere.

Though i am not a Christian I too enjoyed the Christmas Eve by having Nuts cake and Chocolate cake, visiting my neighbors places and wishing all my friends.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here's The Wish That Comes True

Got a wish????

It is true that everyone has a wish and would be happy when it comes true. Do you have a wish ???? If so tell it to our sweet Santa and make it come true.

Here you go. Just take a look at this interesting, different online video
" Sit on Santa's Lap Experience " where i had a chance to upload my favorite photo to view in this sleek CEIVA digital photo frame and make a wish to Santa. The Photo i uploaded was my New Sweet Home's Photo with my favorite Mickey and Mini picture on my Sweet Home's door and was so happy to see my photo fit in CEIVA digital photo frame. This digital photo frame is not like the other digital frame that you get it everywhere. It is a 8" photo frame where you can get photos from anywhere in the world, its not mandatory that you should connect your CEIVA digital frame to your PC and transfer the photos. You can directly send photos to your photo frame using the PICTURE PLAN feature available with this photo frame. What you need is just to hook this with a phone line or via Broadband or via Wi-Fi and enjoy sharing your photos to anywhere around the world. I shared this video with my close friends and they too made their wish to SANTA and entered a contest. Now there is a special offer for this X-Mas where you get a discount of $100 and you have a CONTEST where you have a chance to get a prize of $500. What is all you need to do is watch the " Sit on Santa's Lap Experience " video which includes to upload your favorite photo and make your wish. Once you do this, your wish with your name in Registered in Santa's make Wish Book and one randomly entry selected for each day of the contest gets the cash prize.



Monday, December 22, 2008

A Goal Is What You Need In Life

We have entered into this world to lead a happy life and to achieve some goal of our wish. Everyone should pertain some goal for them in order to take their life as a challenge. So when you come to goal it may be any idea of getting the higher position in an MNC company or starting a new business or achieving some thoughts that would bring them a good name worldwide or may be working out to become a billionaire. But this all works only when we work hard to achieve our goal. Some may even fail to achieve but they had to be keep one proverb in mind, " Failure Is The Stepping Stone For Success". Some may try to discourage our work and throw out negative points for our goal, but its good to wash away those negative points if they are wrong and useless. So once you fix a foal for yourself, at the most work on it hard and try achieving it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Simple Diet With Best Diet Pills

Now girls of any age are trying to reduce or loose their weight to show their look in the best way and nowadays some guys do try maintaining their weight. But to do this they just strain a lot by doing some exercises, weight lifting and more that make them tired and sick rather than reducing their weight. Looking at this a team named Best Diet Pills had introduced many weight reducing pills that assures you in reducing your weight and bringing your body fit. There may be many pills for reducing weight but they would harm you or may create many side effects. When you check out the Diet Pills Reviews you can find the truth that they remove the extra fat and are safe to have. A diet pill named PROACTOL that is the most suited to all, as they are 100 % natural and organic weight loss supplement. There is also a discount that is offered for these Proactol pills that can be found in their website. These Best Diet Pills can also be found in many pharmacies, medical clinics and other online stores. Check out for Diet pills That Work in many stores and place your order.

Take A Pill A Day, Sit Aside And See Your Weight Being Reduced ......

Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare is a kind of game that we play often during our free class hours or during group hang outs or in some occasions trying to pull out some friends legs. The game can be considered as an indoor game as well as out door game. Here we use some object to pin point, who will take up the challenge and who will be the player of the game. Now the player should choose the option of answering Truth or taking up the Dare. It is left to them. So if the player choose Truth then they will be questioned for which they had to give the true answer, and if they choose Dare then they had to take up some challenge from the opponent and do it without any forgery. So as long as everyone is out from the game by doing some mistake it can be continued. Hope this would be interesting when there is a group with more than 6 to 7 members. Just try it and have fun.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Live With What You Have

Its a character withing many where they are jealous on others property. They just try to grab things from others by doing some malpractice to make it for their own; even though they knew what they do is wrong. These self-centered people are not satisfied with what they have; they don't think about the true fact that, what is given to them is been gifted by God; so they have to be happy with what they have. There is no profit having a cunning mind of being jealous on others. Just keep in mind that what we are now and what we have is something different and precious than what others have. So be happy with what you have and don't try to grab anything from anyone.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pets - The Best Company

When you think of pets first that comes into mind is dog. Dogs are the best pets for the human who have interest in having pets. Next stands the cat, Parrot, love birds and more.Dogs are so brilliant that they could differentiate with their owners and other strangers. They play the role of guarding the house and the owner from other unknown strangers. The power of intelligence is more for dogs when compared to other pets. For example when there in an Earth Quake to occur, the earth’s initial vibration is sensed by them before humans and they alert people to move out from the place with their barking voice, though humans doesn’t and couldn’t realize the exact meaning for there voice. Some high breed dogs are trained by the higher police officials that help them to solve some of the cases by finding the criminals. The latest breed of dog named Pug, also used in Hutch ads, is of great demand with its cute small body and innocent nature. The days have also started for rats where they are grown up as pets in some countries, though in some places they just roam inside homes creating nu sense and rat deceases in and around.

A Sudden Plan For A Change

Its was 16.12.08 where i got from my bed at 6.oo am to help my mom in kitchen. Made me fresh and started to help. After finishing all the work she started to her school by 8.00. Then prepared breakfast for my dad after which he left to his office by 10. Then i started cleaning the used dishes which took an hour to complete. After which i took some rest, had my breakfast and again started with my work of washing clothes. I couldn beleive that i was too fresh to take up all the work and do it continuously. ha ha. Finally rested at my room by afternoon having my seat in front of my system as usual hearing to songs and chatting. It was eve 4'o clock where i got a call from gayal's ( my Best frnd) mom asking what plan or work i had for that eve, i replied that i finished all my work and was free hearing to songs. She then asked about hanging out to beach for which i had my positive answer. By 6.30 gayal , her mom, her grandmom, her cousin reached my home and we reached marina by 7.00. It was cool as we entered marina with a freezing breeze which pulled us towards the direction on the air. Since it was too cool aunty and grandma stayed inside car and we three roamed about for getting some snacks where we got 5 plates of Hot Bajji. Enjoyed the eve with my friend and then returned home. I was happy seeing her coming out after weeks from the heart provoking sad incident that happended to her......

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Power of Eyes

The most powerful part in Human is the Paired Eyes, Coz without eyes it is difficult for people to do anything and also eyes speak a lot more than the mouth. Especially Girls eyes are very special where guys get impressed. Eyes have different styles of presenting a situation. We can understand anyone's thought by just reading someones eyes. The truth that is in anyone's heart is clearly shown in eyes. So its difficult for someone to hide the truth. There are situations, like in colleges where students do many face and eye reactions hearing to seminars from their lectures that brings fun to everyone and punishments to the concern student. lol.. Eyes get to have a look, cry, smile, stare, and sleep when they are tired. One should be lucky to have beautiful eyes which attracts all in seconds. Some have colored eye balls like blue, brown, cat's eye and more... Those are all gifted by God where everyone cannot have it....

Eye to Eye

Staring Eyes

Just a Look

Shy Eyes

Friday, December 12, 2008

Do U Love Babies????

When i hear the word BABY a smile comes in my face, coz im a big fan of all kids. I love kids and i would love to play with them. I forget to eat or do any work that is given to me when im with a baby. When i stayed in colony where we had more than 21 blocks with 300 houses i had many friends of age 1 more than that of my age friends. lol. And moreover every kids are attached to me more than there parents or cousins. When you see their cute smiling face you just forget all the worries and tension that you carry in ur head. You can feel the beauty of any kid when they talk with their own kids language or when they spell words that sounds really cute. Currently I have a 1 yr friend named Parathasarathy who attracts everyone with his cat eyes. He is next to my block and i get to play with him 24x7. But since im now shifted to my new house i miss him a lot. But would take my bike and go back to my old colony to play with him. He calls me " Dhatta (rather than latha) akka (sister) which always sounds in my ears when i think of him. So cute baby. All new born baby look so cute where i would like them to have with me until they are grown up, but knew that would never happen. lol...

Have a look at these CHWEET , CUTE Babies >>>>>

Chweet kid With a Cute Family. My Favorite Love Pair with Their Daughter Diya .....

Cute Smile

Cute Eyes

Cho sad kid ???

Start Loving Kids As I Do :-) :-) .......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My 1st Canvas Painting

Painting is one of my Hobby, and also Pencil Sketching. I would love to do this from my child hood days. I never joined painting classes or drawing class to learn them. From my school days i had an interest of admiring some pictures and tried to bring it out exactly in a paper. My parent's and friends used to encourage my work. So from then i decided to add Painting and pencil sketching in my Hobby list. I maintained a book to have my work neatly done. Later i started to participate in many painting competitions and won many prizes. And was little busy with my studies as years went on and dint have the exact time to spend for my Hobby. But when felt bored or when i see at some picture that impressed me, i would bring it out in my drawing book. Later during my 11th and 12th i started to draw and paint pictures in my Computer using the the Paint Tool option. But since my system was infected by Virus i was unable to get the backup of my computer paintings, which made me to enter into the world of sorrow. So after that i kept my hobby idle for years. During my college days, during class hours when being bored by my Lectures giving so many Lectures i started to sketch some pictures in my book, and i decided to have this as one of my work in college. lol. And finally during my Sem holidays i planned to paint pictures in charts. So i did two of my paintings in some kind of chart that i bought. And seeing my work in that my sister gave me a suggestion to show my work in the Canvas sheet that was meant for professional painters. But not being a professional painter i first rejected to work on it. But as my sister compelled i started my work in the Canvas Sheet and it came out very well than what we both expected. No one believed that i did it but had to believe it ,since it was a work done by my hand. LOL

My 1st Canvas Painting >>>>

2 Of My Paintings Done In A Chart >>>>>>

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For My Sweet Uncle( Late )

It was 4/12/08 where i got a call from one of my brother who told me that my close friend's Dad Passed away that eve. I was totally shocked and i couldn't believe that the news was true. And so i called my friend and was once again shocked to hear that the news was true. This news was something unbelievable by all since he was a person entirely different from others and would love to see everyone happy. He fulfilled his wife and daughter with happiness and loved his daughter more than anyone in this world. He was my best friend who gave happiness to me even though i was not his daughter. When i planned to return from my Friend's house after combined studies he never used to leave me alone, he comes to my home and leaves me at my door steps. He is such a great person who stays alive in everyone's heart. This is something i would like to write for him.......

He is the one, who HEED’S people whoever it may be,

He is the one, who ADMIRE’S and brings out everyone’s skill to the world,

He is the one, who REMOVE’S worries and brings happiness in everyone’s heart,

He is the one, who INSTRUCT’S everyone in the right path to reach the top,

He is the one, who NARRATE’S the beauty of God’s creations,

He is the one, who ACCEPT’S his own faults and removes it as soon as possible,

He is the one, who REACT’S and responds immediately when hands ask for help,

He is the one, who APPRECIATE’S the good work done by anyone even if it is a small one,

He is the one, who YIELD’S everything to everyone with a fulfilled heart,

He is the one, who ADMIT’S everyone as his own fellow people,

He is the one, who NEVER says the word NO if anyone had come for help,

He is the one, who ADMIN’S the entire business and brings the maximum profit to share it with all,

He is the one, who NEED’S and wants everyone surrounding him to be happy for the entire life…..

This Sweet ONE is the one and only HARI NARAYANAN Uncle who is my lovable, caretaker and unforgettable person.

Bloggers Get More Than The Techies :-)

Its been days for blogger where they get to earn more than 30K PM than those of their friends who earn being a software engineer or any other. Being an engineer you had to spend the entire day, strain yourself , be busy and stress your mind but in the case of a blogger you just need to spend sometime for creating a new post and post it in blog where the contents may be of their own wish. Only for those of the Paid Post the blogger needs to think for a while and write the related contents for it. For all those approved posts they are paid in dollars " $ ". So every one get a blog for their own, post their own interested topics and also share it with their known and unknown friends. Some make a dual role by working for their office in the work time and writing post in the remaining time and so their monthly income hits more than lacks. Recently as the share market was down, IT field also went down where every techies where either made to wait for there DOJ or some where thrown out due to the lack of projects and so they are now turning into blogger and started to earn. Once a blog or website is owned for $'s they get more invites and opportunities for the paid post where they earn more than 100$ a month. And im being a techie waiting for my DOJ started with this blog writing to fight against being idle. lol.. Many of my friends started being a blogger during the college days and are now having an account balance of more than 1 lakh. Some used the amount in a good way by getting bikes, media players, mobiles and more. "Hats off " to these sites who help us creating blogs and earn through it.

Proud To Be A Blogger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Life Takers (DEATH) Gives Higher Priority To GOOd 1s.. Why SO?????

People are of different kinds. Some are bad , some are good and some are different. But its always the good people who face many problems , suffer and die before they pass halfway through life than the bad ones who enjoy their life by bringing depression and worries to others. I can say that this is true. Because i went across through many incidents where Good Hearted People Loose their life in early stage. Everyone have their day to DIE but its bad that they get it so soon. It is difficult for anyone to live for more than 90 or 100 years coz they go back to their child state at that age where they totally loose their strength and are dependent on some one for everything they do. So in that age it is good to leave from this world and enter into some other world which we call it as the REBIRTH in the same world. But some leave this world being young without even living half of their life. This is the most SAD part to hear. And the most saddest part is when one loose their Mother or Father. When these situations occur we are unable to digest or believe it.

Recently I was thrown into depression when i heard that my sisters best friends mom passed away. Few weeks before when she was riding to her office in the morning she was hit by a Van hardly. She was heavily injured and she became unconscious. Then being admitted in a near by hospital she went through many treatments and operations, but everything failed. She was such a genuine women with a soft nature, always thinking good for people. Her cute small family with a girl and a guy were shocked to hear this. I and my sis were badly upset to hear this news. It is difficult to think how a child would feel losing his or her dear mom.

I ask within myself that why are these good peoples life taken so soon from the world that brings the entire family into depression. There are many people in this world praying GOD to take their life and there are many who doesn't worth to be in this world by doing many crimes , but they live for more than 100 years. But people who wish that they should live for more than 100 years are thrown away from this world before 50 or less. WHY IS THIS????? I still don't get the answer for this question.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dreamzzzzzzz - Silent Lovers Place

Dreamzzzzzzz ..... The world where anyone can enjoy their moments with their Loved one. We can create our own situation with our loved sweet heart and enjoy to the core. Dreams - not only meant for the night occasion, it can be formed Any Time, Anywhere, On Anyone. This Dream is really special to those who had fallen in Love with some one secret within them. Coz its that our dream cannot be predicted by any one and so its hard for any one to find our dream boy or girl. Some times Dreams are strange when we get dreams as though we are cot by someone or we are beaten by someone or some other strange one that brings out fear. I think in this way Dreams can be divided into 2 forms like USUAL DREAM and UNUSUAL DREAM :) according to me. Like for example, we can say a dream as an Unusual Dream when a strange dream comes after our deep sleep and makes us to get out of our bed or this may also be a memorable sweet dream , and we can say a dream as Usual Dream when we tend to dream before our sleep or in any other time or place :)

Our Dream Starts >>>>>

@ 1st is before when we enter into the world of deep sleep, by just thinking of the past happened moments
@ when we are alone at home
@ when the climate is too cool with a nice breeze and rain
@ when we are seated near our lovable person
@ when we hear to our favorite song
@ when we see any heart touching love scene
@ when we miss someone
@ when we see some other lovers in beach or in any other place
@ when we attend love marriages
@ when we hear the world love

Funny places where we tend to Dream (
may be a strange Dream too) >>>>>

@ when our staffs are taking seminars
@ at office meetings
@ when some elderly persons starts their advices
@ when getting scolding
@ when we are told to wait for some time to meet the higher official


Worth full Gift To Ur Closed 1's

Hope this would be the best Gift to those loved one's who are in IT field. With a low cost you could present the most useful and valuable gift to your special person. Its nothing but the Flash or the Personalized Flash Drives with different storage size like 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and more. You can Personalize your Thumb drive as you wish, like selecting with your favorite color and getting some good theme engraved on it. You can too add some of your favorite Logos available. Here's an example Pic:

Get to know some of their added features :

* You can choose your color among the 14 colors
* Get FREE Laser engraving on both the sides
* Choose from one of our 32 exciting Themes such as "#1 Teacher", "Sports" or "Butterflies"
* Can add 2 lines of text on the other side
* Storage as usual in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities
* Hi-Speed USB 2.0
* One piece, standard shipping only $4.65! 20 cents each additional drive.

Low Price with Low Shipping Cost

512MB - $9.99 | 1GB - $11.99 | 2GB - $16.99 | 4GB - $24.99 | 8GB - $34.99 | 16GB - $69.99

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big ? Mark For CTS , Wipro Placed 2008 Passouts

U.G students were given a great opportunity of being placed in a company during their college days from the On-Campus and Off - Campus recruitment program conducted in colleges. Those placed through these Campus program where immediately called as soon as they finished their U.G course leaving their last step in college. But now due to the recent drop down in the share market the IT field was also down and hence there was a delay in calling the placed U.G graduated and also in some companies the recruitment process is been stopped for some months. The delay was about for a period of more than 3 to 4 months for some college students and also a year for some college students.

Today when i went through the daily News Paper I was shocked to see the topic " Students of IT sceptical about employment offers ". It was a talk given by the Osmania University. There were about 70 placed students of the 2007 pass outs who weren't called till now. And the Top companies like Wipro and Cognizant may call the 2008 pass outs with a delay of 3 more months .

Shocked Right!!!! Yes even i was really shocked after reading this news. Already the Tentative Month of Joining given for 2008 pass outs by Wipro and Cognizant was like from September 2008 to March or May 2009. And in this condition if there is a delay for 3 more months - O My God!!! Can't even imagine this situation. I think it would be even more worse in this situation. Because being a fresher it is difficult to get a Job in a well reputed company too. Its almost a waste of 1 year for those who are just waiting for their DOJ. Hope we can either try for some temporary job or can search for some other permanent job.

Will the placed 2008 pass outs be called????? A BIG ?????????

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Situation Based Dream Songs (Tamil)..... For Fun...

Hope you like this post.. Sometimes i get to dream and sing some songs during some situations like for example, when it rains with a good breeze i dream and sing the lyrics of the song " Ennai Konja Konja Konja Va Mazhaiye " from the movie Aadhi. So thought of posting some good songs for some good and bad situations. Hope you all like this. Try to dream about these songs imagining that you are in that situation or you can add your dream girl or a dream boy whom you like.

Here I go with some different situations and songs >>>>>

1. In college when her lover is a meter away from her, crowded by classmates :

2. When she falls in LOVE the 1st time and is unable to express it to her lover :

3. When someone gets admired at a girls look and is unable to come out of dreams :

4. When the guy is in terrace taking a nice Breeze and a call comes from his girl friend starting with her 1st words as " I LOVE U" :

5. When you find that you had fallen in love with some1 :

6. When she leaves you because of her parents compulsion :

7. When he is confused of his girl friends behaviour :

If U have some situation songs add as a comment .....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mysore Zooooooo....

Our next plan was to visit the famous Zoo. It was the afternoon that we entered to Zoo where the ticket counter was full with people buying tickets to look at the different kinds of Animals and Birds. We bought the tickets and entered the zoo where we had a God's Statue flowered with water looked like a welcome note to all.

We then entered a cave like enterance from which our walking journey started and we had to walk 3km long through a arrow marked path. This path was covered fully with animals and birds which were safe inside their caves. The visit started with different kinds of Birds. We had our most beautiful peacocks with their long colored features, colored parrots, a differently named birls which we hadn seen before and lots more. We had the chance to see a bird named "FLAMINGO" which was standing and sleeping with 1 leg. We saw camera lights flashing at the "SLEEPING BEAUTY". While sleeping the bird had its long head placed on its body. The scene had the great beauty because of the bird. Then we had a look at all different kinds of birds.

Then our visit was for animals. It started with the King Tiger. We saw our usual light brown colored Tiger and then a Black and White Tiger that was so silent and was left to roam out in a safety place that doesn't affect the visitors. All seem to be so huge in size and was fully moving inside the cave. Then moved from that place and the next was the monkey generations. We saw different styles of monkeys and they were mostly roaming in their Favourite tree. There was one monkey which had the face of a lion with a big lion teeth and it really looked stranged. But it was weird too. Then we had the Gorilla sitting in a swing looking at the visitors. Gorilla was looking so cute and silent in the swing that we thought of giving a shake with it.

Then the usual animals like Elephant, Lion, Hippopotamus, Bear, Deer. The next we entered into a cave where the snakes where found like cobra and some more kinds. Most of the snakes where having a nice sleep at the noon. Inside the zoo we there was a fountain where we could see the rainbow formed due to the fountain water and the sun rays. Many snaps were taken there too. The next on the way was Cheetah. There were 2 cheetah sitting on the roof iron rods daring at the visitors.

Finally at last we covered the entire 3 km by our work which took more than 2 hours visiting all the animals. It was like a noon walk for us with a sight scene of different animals. The animal at the starting point and the ending point was the Giraffe. Being tall they were busy in getting food for them from the available tress. One among the many Giraffe was giving a pose for the visitors snap. That was our visit to the last animal and made a quit from the Zoo.

Mysore Palace - The Kingdom of Heaven

Yesterday was a great day and a memorable day where i enjoyed a lot with my family in the trip to Mysore. Booked a Toyota Innova and started around 7.30 from Bangalore. The long ride started with melody songs and later we had our home prepared breakfast. Then the ride continued which took 3 to 3 1/2 hours to reach the most famous MYSORE PALACE. We were amazed to look at the Out View of the palace and were eager to check in. Having many rules and regulations for entering into the palace, it took some time to finish it all. 

It was the time to keep our steps into the palace. Wow it was really awesome when we entered. The ceilings were fully carved and painted in such a way that it wasn't looking like some DECADES before built palace. The paintings were so sharp an accurate that we were unable to pick up a "like faces". Every visitors were so much enjoying. We had a way through which every one should follow to visit different places. We had to take more than 50 steps to move from one room to other room. All the wooden doors were fully carved and had different designs where we touched and felt the design. Some main doors were carved with ivory. 

We saw the playing ground inside the palace where the great Prince and Princess of the palace would spend their time. Then we saw all the olden day used crowns, dining tables, record sets, dressing tables, the big camera, hand mirrors, swords used by the Raja's and lots. There are still more lots to be said. But its really great to see the palace. No one miss this palace. There were TWO BRONZE TIGERS having their strange look attracting all the visitors. We enjoyed a lot inside the palace and was difficult for us to come out even after a long walk inside.  

Dont Miss This Most Beautiful Palace If You Haven't Visited Yet.......

Monday, September 22, 2008

World's Smallest Handy PC

Next to laptop (every1's favorite Portable hand PC) here comes a Fit-PC SLIM which is 40% reduced in size when compared to a Laptop. This is been the world's smallest PC with an Integrated Geode LX display controller up to 1920x1440. With an on-board soldered memory of 512 MB it has a 2.5'' IDE 60 GB Hard Disk space. It has almost most of the features of a home PC. Adding to its feature it has an Upgradable hard disk, 3 USB 2.0 ports and integrated WiFi. There had been many launches from the Hardware Production in bringing about the miniatures like taperecorders to mp3 players, CD to DVD's and to Pen Drives, PC to Laptops and Note books, and now its from Bigger PC to a Smaller PC. This smaller PC supports both windows and linux. Being a PC with Upgradable Hard disk, there about 4 choices of Hard Disk for this Fit-PC Slim where we can add it to our comfort.

Like >>>

  • fit-PC Slim Barebones (256MB, no WiFi, no HDD) - $220
  • fit-PC Slim Diskless (512MB, WiFi, no HDD) - $245
  • fit-PC Slim Linux (512MB, WiFi, 60GB hard disk with Ubuntu and Gentoo pre-installed) - $295
  • fit-PC Slim XP (512MB, WiFi, 60GB hard disk with Windows XP Home SP3 pre-installed) - $335

  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Fake Offer Letter Providers...

    Its been a difficult JOB for people who are in search of JOBS to get their carrier started. Some get offer during their final year of U.G through On-Campus. And others try out through Off-Campus. If luck favors they get their job soon. But the rest are still in search of a Job. They seem to go to many consultancies, pay them for getting into the interview process to get a job in MNC's. But the job they get through these coonsultancies may not be satisfied when considering their degree or qualifications. Some may be satisfied and some may not be. Those not satisfied again go in serch of someother job. So the process goes like this until they are satisfied or convinient with the job.

    I was surfing through pages in a daily newspaper where I got shocked seeing a news with the Title, " Techies fall prey to job scam". The news is as follows. Many of our young techies were given a fake IBM offer letter with all genuine signs and other attachments by a person named Saravanan. A victim told to the press that he had met Saravanan during an interview in a software company and he had promised him to get an offer in IBM's Global Services. And the victim too believed that and deposited an amount of Rs 49000 in Saravanan's account. But there was no response after the deposit and so the victim contacted Saravanan again about the offer that he promised. Saravanan replied that he had sent an offer letter already and he would get it soon. Later the victim recieved the offer letter through some courier. Taking the offer with him he landed at IBM's Office to join. But there the authorities found that it was a fake offer letter and they were surprised to see many victims with those fake offers. Later they were told to lodge a complaint about the forgery.

    So dont ever believe the words of unknown person even though they seem to be genuine.

    Sony Ericssons 1st DPF

    Its been a Great launch of Touch Screen DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME by Sony Ericsson named IDP-100 digital photo frame. A new sleek, stylish, attractive and high quality display frame that has many features built-in. With a high sensitive touch screen, several options like color correction, tone enhancement and even edge enhancement are adjusted automatically to give out the best slide show of photos. IDP-100 is a 7'' WVGA (800 x 480) screen with an inbuilt Bluetooth facility for the easy share of images. This digi frame is compatible to share photos with all phones featuring M2 card, micro SD and MS Duo, SD, USB interface or Bluetooth™. An inbuilt memory of 128 MB is provided where about 500 still images can be recieved, stored and displayed in the frame.

    “Memories are priceless and irreplaceable” said Jacob Sten, Head of the accessories division at Sony Ericsson. As we all no we really love to share our memories, especially photos to our friends and neighbours. When some of our dear friends, relatives or neighbours visit our house we share our photo Album thats of the hard copy form. But due to the developing technology and increased product releases by these pioneers we get to have some new way of sharing our photos in a digital display form than that of wasting our money and bringing it in a hard copy form.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Growth in Blasts...

    Our peaceful clean land is now seen with humans red blood. It is becoming difficult to roam about to different places for site seeing due to these Bomb Blasts. To notice, the main blasts happens in Airport, Parks, Railway Stations and few more people stuffed place. Why do these blasts happen? What do they get by killing these innocent unknown peoples? Wont they stop this? When will they stop? These questions keep on running in my mind when ever i see newspapers with their headlines as " BOMB BLAST IN DELHI ", " MANY KILLED DUE TO BOMB BLAST " and so. Natural disasters like SUNAMI, EARTQUAKE takes the life of 1/4th of the population. Adding to this these blasts too remove some percentage of human population. Even though the natural disasters may or may not be prevented but these blasts can be totally stopped. But why not these budding terrorists stop this. Are they really humans? If they were really humans they wouldn't have done like this. These Bomb Keepers, to get their requirements done, they threaten the govenment by keeping LOW INTENSITY bombs added with nuts and bolts. And these bombs take a minimum number of life and bring injuries to the max. Even though 1 life is gone it worths a lot to the world and their neighbours. I wish these life takers should stop all these and give a peaceful life with no more bloods or skins seen in the land.

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Is There A Life With No Current ?????????

    Ah... Cant imagine a life without CURRENT.. Generations before there seem to be no electricity... They had only lamps and chimneys lit using kerosene.. No fan, No AC, No TV, Not much usage of current... It was difficult to find people in that dark world... But now in this Generation it seems to be difficult for people to be without current.. For me too ( its really difficult to be without current) .... In those days there were no companies or IT industries and so the generation of electricity was sufficient for every state... And now where ever you see you can find at least 1 IT industry in a area or a location... Trees that gave us shelter, fresh air and good breeze are now turned to IT places where many are employed.... But due to these there is a big shortage of electricity supply to these new brought up IT industries and other companies.... When there is no current supply for an hour or more these companies and industries use GENERATORS to supply temporary current... But how long will these Generators work???? As populations and Industries get increased there becomes a decrease or shortage in ELECTRICITY, PETROL, DIESEL till now.. And later there may be a shortage of FOOD , SHELTER and lots more, who knows ????? Lets wait and see...

    Because of these increase we people are suffering every day without current .. In my area few weeks before they used to shut down electricity supply from 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM... Then the next week the time was changed from 1. 30 PM to 3.00 PM.... And now it has been changed from 12.30 PM to 3.00 PM.... I think this shutdown timings will extend in such a way that in 24 hours may be 20 hours there would be a shutdown or in a week there may be a shutdown for 2 days.. Ahhh... Cant imagine a situation like this....

    Lets give life to more and more TREES AND PLANTS and lead a good life with NO SHORTAGE.....



    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    My Video Collections ( HQ )

    Akkam Pakkam - Kireedom

    Say ok - Vanessa Hudgen's Live Concert

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    FRIENDSHIP - A Gud Relationship

    They are the 1st Best Friends to be got in this world when we are born.. Yeah they are our own PARENT'S ... They are and will be our life time friends , no doubt.... 1st i would like to say is that dont ever hurt ur parents.. Even if they shout at u for some reason dont give a back reply for everything.. just be silent and hear what they say.. later when they are to their normal form just in silent sweet words convince them.. That would make them wash out all anger on you... This is the good friendship between us and our parents...This is by birth endless relationship... Some may realize and some may not...

    In this big world with lots of people around us it is really very difficult to get a good friend who would understand us, care for us, guide us in a good path and the main point is that it is difficult to have that good friend till our DEATH... We may get different friends during our school days , college days and so.. and also our friends may be our relative or a neighbor or a family friend.. WHETHER THOSE FRIENDS WILL STAY WITH US TILL OUR LIFE ENDS ?????? A big question mark here... There may be only few people whose friendship lasts for ever.. If so they are the good , best , loving friends...

    Some of the REASONS why friends doesn last forever >>>>>

    1. When they dont understand each other
    2. Some friends lose their close friends after their marriage
    3. Through Possessiveness
    4. When working in somewhere abroad far away from their frnds
    5. Getting angry for all silly things that is done by the friend
    6. Out of jealousy and lots more....

    These are some qualities within every1 which is born along with their birth.. Even though these cannot be changed these can be adjusted between friends in order to make that friendly relationship everlasting...

    "A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    MoNeY hAi ThO hOnEy.....

    Today every1's interest has mainly gone is earning money for their own need.. Each and every1 work day and night to get the Rupee note... As days go there is an immediate change the next day.. When we go back about 40 to 50 yrs ago there had been days where people get to earn Rs 100 pm as their earnings and it was like a great honey if they get a bonus of Rs 100 extra... And even the cost of all buying where very low according to the earnings.. When any1 had an Ambassador car every 1 used to round the car and used to admire at the car until its moved from that place.. It was difficult to find a mobile in any1's hand... Those days were like that.. But now the Total Trend has been developed and changed in such a way that the roads are fully filled with BENZ , FORD, BMW , BIKES and lots more... Its mainly because of MONEY.. In these days its become a fashion that every1 have 2 to 3 cellphones with them for their own use investing a huge amount... Companies release a new product with a high price every day since there are buyers for that too.. Money plays the biggest role where every1 migrates to places in order to get the money...

    There had been many ways nowadays to earn this money.. Some who are very fond of money try getting them in illegal way too.... They dont even care what they do is wrong or right.. And there are too many Legal ways of getting money where 90% of people are following.. People now make money by sitting in their home using their computer.. This method would be more convinient to all retired workers... Eg. Blogspot, Smorty... It has become like a saying that " If u dont have money its difficult to be in this world" ...

    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    My B.F's B day.... Aug 19th

    This is was the 1st time that i stayed in my B.F ( Best friend nd not Boy Friend , every1 call her ah A.H or H or Thalaivi ) house the day before her B day and on her B day.. Wow i cant forget that day in my life.. me, ashu and A.H.. we 3 enjoyed that her B day to the core...

    Day 1 - Aug 18th

    A.H picked up ashu and started from her house at 12 ... then they both reached to my house by 40 to 45 mins... They had to wait in my house since i wasn ready to go immeditely... But now we 3 were very hungry so i had to make myself fast in getting ready.. we then took an auto and went to Senthur Hotel little far from my residence.. We filled our tummy with nan, panner, biriyani ands so... Finally ended our lunch with a " BROWNIE with ICECREAM "which was like a feast for the hot noon..Then we started from there by 2.30 and reached CITY CENTER.. The movie we were to see was to start by 3.. so just had a look at all the shops...After all entered INOX for the movie SATHYAM...

    OMG... here was the turning point... It was an hour the movie went and we 3 where still unable to find wat was the story they were trying to tell... We had a great enjoyment with a big laugh for each and every scene in that movie... We were able to notice clearly that whenever NAYAN comes there is a songs being played... She doesn comes after the song is over...lol.. thats the fact..We thought of coming out of the movie in the mid. But we spent Rs 120 for that movie na, so thought atleast we could find the story at the end... But it was a great flop.. Then finally we said a big BYE to that movie and made our exit from INOX.. then took some snaps and purchased some stuffs and said a BYE to CITY CENTER...

    By 8.30 we reached A.H's house.. Had a refreshment, had our dinner and finally sat with TV...
    By 10 we thought of playing some game.. so i opened the UNO cards that i had and explained how to play.. 1st it was not interesting since they 2 were new to this game.. then later the the percentage of interest was increased as the time increased... It was mid 12... we wished our frnd with a candle lit CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE.... Sang the all famous B day song, applied some cream on her face and wished her.. Ate that truffle and filled the little space that we had in our tummy..then we 3 went to her room and started the cards game.. This time since we all knew the entire game in a good way , we had points and played the game... we kept 10 rounds for that game... We enjoyed that game where we dint even look at the clock... It was about 3 in the morning where we finished our 10th round.. Calculated the points to see the winner.. and it was ME (true , im not lying).... Finally we winded the game and went to sleep by 3.30....

    Day 2 - Aug 19th

    This was the Day my frnd had born..We were unable to wake up in the morning (8' o Clock)... her parents wre fully busy with attending the B day wish call from her friends and relatives.. But we 3 were still asleep.. ha ha... Wat to do , we slept late night na... Then finally she had to wake up with her red drowzy eyes due to these calls and wishes.. Then few minutes later we too woke up... By 9+ ashu left A.H house and returned to her home.. It was me and A.H to moving out to many places... Then hours passed as we moved out roaming to places.. It was that eve we went to Orphan where we were fully filled with happiness seeing those cute kids and girls.. had talks with them , took snaps and so...

    Ahhhh.. the day had the end... We enjoyed 2 days to the core with lots of happiness within us.. cant forget Aug 18th and 19th.. 2 precious days..Dono whether we would get some other day like this.. coz any 1 may be busy later with their job or work... But if we would get these days back then sure we wont miss it...


    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Firefox 3.0.1 By Mozilla...

    Mozilla Firefox - The maximum used Web Browser all over the World.. A good browser where we can open any number of pages for surfing in net, add bookmarks to the pages we want, open the recently closed page, asks for saving the username password and other features similar to that of the other web browser.. This browser too blocks the sites that are not authorized... As there is no end for the updation or development of any software or hardware or application, Mozilla has now introduced Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 which has the enhanced features with security than that of the previous version..


    The several issues added in firefox 3 are

    • Fixed several security issues.
    • Fixed several stability issues.
    • Fixed an issue where the phishing and malware database did not update on first launch.
    • Under certain circumstances, Firefox 3.0 did not properly save the SSL certificate exceptions list.
    • Updated the internal Public Suffix list.
    • In certain cases, installing Firefox 2 in the same directory in which Firefox 3 has been installed resulted in Firefox 2 being unstable. This issue was fixed as part of Firefox
    • Fixed an issue where, when printing a selected region of content from the middle of a page, some of the output was missing (bug 433373).
    • Fixed a Linux issues where, for users on a PPP connection (dialup or DSL) Firefox always started in "Offline" mode (bug 424626).
    This new realease can be used in Windows, MAC and LINUX OS... Some of the basic requirements to intall this appz are :


    Operating Systems
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Vista
    Minimum Hardware
    • Pentium 233 MHz (Recommended: Pentium 500MHz or greater)
    • 64 MB RAM (Recommended: 128 MB RAM or greater)
    • 52 MB hard drive space


    Operating Systems
    • Mac OS X 10.4 and later
    Minimum Hardware
    • Macintosh computer with an Intel x86 or PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor
    • 128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB RAM or greater)
    • 200 MB hard drive space


    Software Requirements
    Please note that Linux distributors may provide packages for your distribution which have different requirements.
    • Firefox will not run at all without the following libraries or packages:
      • GTK+ 2.10 or higher
      • GLib 2.12 or higher
      • Pango 1.14 or higher
      • X.Org 1.0 or higher
    • For optimal functionality, we recommend the following libraries or packages:
      • NetworkManager 0.7 or higher
      • DBus 1.0 or higher
      • HAL 0.5.8 or higher
      • GNOME 2.16 or higher

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Gud Medicine When Upset..

    Upset... The word comes within every when their mood is OFF..But Why ????? Its coz when we get scoldings from any1 or if when we fail in doing something or when our close friends move away from us or when our love is a failure.. Only these few are not the reasons, there are a lots to say.. I had experienced some of these situations many times and had been upset to the core.. But the best medicine i ever use to remove my sadness is by hearing to melodies.. Songs, the best and only company that brings our mood back to a normal condition..

    Few days before i had a great scoldings from my mom for the mistake i did.. Even though it was my mistake i was upset coz i got the scoldings na.. So what i did is I went for a walk to beach (alone), then had myself occupied in a boat near the shore end then took my mp3 player from my hand bag and played my favorite melodies... Hearing to these melodies my eyes went towards the sound making waves which tried to come and touch my legs... But the waves were unable to since i was a meter away from them... Just enjoyed those waves sitting in the boat for more than a hour...But rain and night was above me, so had to leave that precious loneliness and everything. Even i left my sorrows and past happenings of the day seeing the beauty of nature... Then finally turned off my mp3 and returned to my home... I really enjoyed that eve with boat, breeze, waves and my mp3 loaded fully with SONGS SONGS and only SONGSSSSSS... Yeah im a damm lover of songs...Hope many are like me... I can assure u that ur mood changes good when u hear to your lovable songs... So i always consider songs as my best medicine when im upset...

    Some of my melodies >>>>>

    1> Akkam Pakkam (Kireedom)
    2> Anbe En Anbe (Dhaam Dhoom)
    3> Enna ithu Enna Ithu (Nalathamayanthi)
    4> Solvayo Solaikili(Alli Arjuna)
    5> Manmadhaney (Manmadhan)
    6> Melliname Melliname(Shajahan)
    7> Mudhal Mazhai(Bheema)
    8> Un Pani Thuli(Kanda Naal Mudhal)
    9> Thean Thean thean(kuruvi)
    10> Uyire Uyire Piriyathe(Santhosh Subramanium)
    11> Vizhiyil Un Vizhiyil(Kireedom)
    12> Vazhiye En Uyir Vazhiye(Dhaam Dhoom)

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    61st Independence Day..........

    Wow... Today is our 61st INDEPENDENCE DAY... The day where all workers stop all their works and give an off for them..The day which gives leave to those who are unable to be off from their work..The day where all have their dress pinned up with our TRI COLOR INDIAN FLAG with all schools,colleges,special places and jails too celebrate the day by having sweets..The day where all the televisions are turned on for 24 hours.. lol.. When we hear the word Independence we get to remember the other word that immediately strikes to out mind is nothing but FREEDOM... Coz till now we dont have the right to do everything we wish..Still we have the same old rules which shud be strictly followed by our age youngsters. In some of the rural areas we still have illiterates and so on...Ahhhhhhh.. Lets all break these rules and be Freeeeeeeeeee....

    But when we hear the word Indepen
    dence Day we feel something different within us at least for a moment when we hear any1 saying.. A gud news that Logitech had launched a new mini optical mouse that adopt our Indian Flag color TRI color ( Orange,white,green). Logitech launches this to add their celebration for this Independence Day which cost Rs. 640..

    Lets all work more to bring out more and more FREEDOM to our precious INDIA...


    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 ( Software)

    Ahhhhhhh.... Already we people are somewhat lazy for few things to do... Sometimes when our friends ask us to send some forward to their mail or if our higher official ask us to prepare some document in word or some other work we just hesitate to use the keyboard in order to type 1 or more sentences ... But for our surprise Nuance Communications has launched a new software Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 which is a speech recognition software that can intake our voice input words and reproduce as written text with a speed of 35 words per minute (WPM) with 99% accuracy in recognition of our voice.

    GREAT SOFTWARE NA !!!!!!!!! HATS OF TO NUANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wanna know about its Features.. Here We Gooooooo >>>>>>>>>>>>

    1 > when u want to send a mail to a contact in ur list just say " Send email to so and so (contacts name) ". This voice is recognized by the S/W and it automatically opens the default user's email program and places the contacts name in the address bar... Interesting na... yeah

    2 > If u wanna search any thing in the web like latest movies just say "latest movies".. now our S/W opens the default browser like IE or Mozilla and enters the given voice words in the search bar...

    3 > we can also speak out the exact serch engine we want..

    4 > U may have a doubt whether the words spoken by us will be added immediate or will it take time to add each and every word?? No need to have this kind of doubt coz this smart S/W responds faster and types the word instantly as we provide our speech...

    5 > A bluetooth wireless headset is provideded with this S/W where we can even move nearby our system and give our speech .. so it is more convenient for us....

    6 > Some selected editions of the software has a special feature of recording the speech and then converting those speeches to words using the Dragon S/W when needed...

    U can find some more features by getting them....

    Nuance had launched this S/W in 3 means...

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard: Rs. 5,990/-
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred: Rs. 11,990/-
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional: Rs. 53,990/-