Sunday, September 14, 2008

Growth in Blasts...

Our peaceful clean land is now seen with humans red blood. It is becoming difficult to roam about to different places for site seeing due to these Bomb Blasts. To notice, the main blasts happens in Airport, Parks, Railway Stations and few more people stuffed place. Why do these blasts happen? What do they get by killing these innocent unknown peoples? Wont they stop this? When will they stop? These questions keep on running in my mind when ever i see newspapers with their headlines as " BOMB BLAST IN DELHI ", " MANY KILLED DUE TO BOMB BLAST " and so. Natural disasters like SUNAMI, EARTQUAKE takes the life of 1/4th of the population. Adding to this these blasts too remove some percentage of human population. Even though the natural disasters may or may not be prevented but these blasts can be totally stopped. But why not these budding terrorists stop this. Are they really humans? If they were really humans they wouldn't have done like this. These Bomb Keepers, to get their requirements done, they threaten the govenment by keeping LOW INTENSITY bombs added with nuts and bolts. And these bombs take a minimum number of life and bring injuries to the max. Even though 1 life is gone it worths a lot to the world and their neighbours. I wish these life takers should stop all these and give a peaceful life with no more bloods or skins seen in the land.

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AD Team said...

India, once a serene country have now become a land of terror. No one has peace of mind and people fear to go out to crowded areas in major cities.

Spoiling hundreds of other families to save their own family!!
Is this humane?

Innocent lives are killed whereas the real criminals are given police protection!!

Nothing can be done unless they realise the effect and change themselves.