Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fake Offer Letter Providers...

Its been a difficult JOB for people who are in search of JOBS to get their carrier started. Some get offer during their final year of U.G through On-Campus. And others try out through Off-Campus. If luck favors they get their job soon. But the rest are still in search of a Job. They seem to go to many consultancies, pay them for getting into the interview process to get a job in MNC's. But the job they get through these coonsultancies may not be satisfied when considering their degree or qualifications. Some may be satisfied and some may not be. Those not satisfied again go in serch of someother job. So the process goes like this until they are satisfied or convinient with the job.

I was surfing through pages in a daily newspaper where I got shocked seeing a news with the Title, " Techies fall prey to job scam". The news is as follows. Many of our young techies were given a fake IBM offer letter with all genuine signs and other attachments by a person named Saravanan. A victim told to the press that he had met Saravanan during an interview in a software company and he had promised him to get an offer in IBM's Global Services. And the victim too believed that and deposited an amount of Rs 49000 in Saravanan's account. But there was no response after the deposit and so the victim contacted Saravanan again about the offer that he promised. Saravanan replied that he had sent an offer letter already and he would get it soon. Later the victim recieved the offer letter through some courier. Taking the offer with him he landed at IBM's Office to join. But there the authorities found that it was a fake offer letter and they were surprised to see many victims with those fake offers. Later they were told to lodge a complaint about the forgery.

So dont ever believe the words of unknown person even though they seem to be genuine.

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