Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chandrasekar – Guy of Excellence

Chandrasekar, a resident of Tirunalveli, achieved a lot in his young age of 17. Born on September 25, 1990 he is the 1st youth to get his MTech Degree at the age of 17 from IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology). Being in the world of budding technocrats, he has shown his excellence in the field of education for which he had been awarded by the Educational Department. He did his schooling in Bell’s Matriculation where his parents get some comment regarding their child from his teachers as “Chandrasekar would finish his work earlier and disturb the other children, So we give him some books to read after he finishes his work in order to not trouble the other children “. And now he had made himself so gud that every1 appreciates and awards him for his excellence in this young age…Many get bored to start their degree at the age of 17 or 18, but this genius finished his B.E degree at the age of 15 and finishes his Masters in the age of 17. Now he has become a busy youngster to be called by many R&D centers. MY BEST WISHES FOR HIM….

Achievements until his sweet 17….

  • Youngest MICROSOFT Certified System Engineer and CISCO Certified Network Asoociate at 11..
  • B.E Degree ,Anna University at 15..
  • Secured 99.32% in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering..
  • MTech Degree, IIT-M at 17…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Change in Route..

Oopsssssss.... A shocking news to hear that the road route for entering " SATHYAM CINEMAS " has been changed.. It has been made a 1way path where u can get into the sathyam complex by starting from the WHITES ROAD and ending up with the THIRU VIKA ROAD.... Being a favorite complex for all movie lovers to enter sathyam at any time in any route had to now follow a unique path.. Hope it would be difficult for those who come through the Gemini bridge and through Gopalapuram has to take a long route to enter into sathyam..

hi frnds........

hi friends... welcome to my new blog. Being so jobless in home sleeping, eating, chatting, so and so, i just thought of creating a blog to make myself busy with some work.. during college days i use to think that " wont i get at least few minutes to enjoy without any assigns or homeworks or exams ".. But now " O My God why im so jobless, wont i get any work to do ??? " lol.... Days are goin like this.. Its all just our fate.. we cant change it.. just sit and have to enjoy our fate whatever it may be..
Im not the only person to think like this , its also that many of my friends experience the same.. We all are waiting to have a move from COLLEGE 2 CORPORATE !!!!!!. Yeah we have been waiting and still now waiting for our DOJ.. During our placement when we havn been selected in the 1st few companies we get depressed a lot and will just put our heads down.. Now we think why we got placed 1st... coz those friends whose got placed late have now entered into the CORPORATE world and have started earning toooooooo.....