Monday, June 8, 2009

Every Day Arises a Problem

Problem arises everyday in our life in some means. Problems may be personal problems or world problems. Every day you surf through the news paper, you can find different problems occurring in different places. Even in your same surrounding you can experience many problems. But i wounder why these problems are occurring without a pause for a long time. If one issue gets over in some part of the world, there begins another issue in some other place. Like for example the Air France Flight 447 with 228 people got disappeared in the middle ocean and other incidents. It is really hard to think about the passengers of that flight who would have suffered a lot during the crash. It is something unimaginable and heart touching breaking news. So when you hear these kind of incidents, it is really hard to digest or think about the incidents. lets pray GOD that these problems shop stop in the forthcoming years