Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comfort Wear

There are many costumes that we wear based on many occasions. Some costume suit for parties, some formal wear suits when we are out for work, some informal wear when hanging out with friends and neighbors and some more other wear. So having many kinds for different occasion we have a wear that suits for our bedtimes, what you call as lingerie. These are the best wear when you are to your bed. This sexy lingerie keeps you comfort giving you an easy fit rather like the hard clothes wrapped around you giving you the uneasy feel. The best is that you can make an online shopping of your favorite lingerie that is of low price and I got the best comfort that suited me. You get this comfort online for both men and women with the best low price, best designs, best colors and many other fits that suits you the best. So make your online shopping, get your favorite lingerie and have your night a sweet night.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ShopWiki - A Revolutionary Shopping Site

Shopping is what everyone does and is necessary in our day-to-day life. Everyone love to shop and test out new products and releases in the market. Being in the busy world it is now hard for people to take out their shopping bag and roam out to different places in order to get their required products, accessories, clothes, electronic items and lots more. So what they do is make an online shopping by sitting in their home, searching in net, selecting the best online store and finally purchase it after having a long search for online store. Sometimes there are situations where the products they buy are not properly delivered by the store nor delivered at the proper time and other problems do occur.

To our surprise there is a site the best place to make your shopping. Similar to those of the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other that is helpful in many ways; you have this ShopWiki search engine that is built uniquely for the shopping guide. In case you plan to make online shopping, just open the ShopWiki search engine and choose the category under which you need to shop or to be more simple and unique about the product just enter the required product in the search engine bar. In Google or Yahoo search engine, when you enter your requirement, a list of related links or sites are put up from which you crawl and choose a store to shop. Similar to these search engines, ShopWiki search engine gives you a list of the related and best online store with the description about the price rate and the use of the product that you searched. Based on your requirement you can select the store from which you would like to have your shopping and purchase your product in no time. This is the best and the simple way to make online shopping.

The different categories that you have in ShopWiki site are accessories, health and beauty, automobiles, clothing, computers and software, pets, office, babies and toddlers and lots more to go about. For sample consider the section of Babies and Toddlers When you check out this section you could find all the related products for babies like strollers, bags, infant clothing, play yards, feeding and all other products related to infants. From this select the best product you require and make your shopping. Checking on my favorite product, portable DVD player, I found the different online stores under the category “Household Portable DVD Player”. To my surprise I found many portable DVD players with different price range and the stores from which I can purchase.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barack Obama Takes Charge

The 44th President and the first Afro - American President Barack Obama has now taken the charge on 20/1/2009 to rule the country . He had made the history of being America's First Black President. The entire world supporters of Barack Obama had their celebration for Obama taking the prestigious President post. No one knew how he would rule the country or how he would undergo and solve the problems existing in this world. But it is all the faith that people had on Obama and selected him as the President, as they had the thought that Obama had the capability to undertake any problem and solve them. Being a black he proved that " Anything can be done by anyone ". From the day one he gave clear views to throw out terrorism from the world and he also takes measures to help the other countries to rule out the poverty

Long Live Obama ......

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wanna Play ? Sign Up With Kerchoonz

Are you a music lover? Then check this site named kerchoonz, that is fully loaded with music. I came across this interesting site when I was surfing in net. This site is unique when compared to other music sites since kerchoonz has different features like music, videos, video games and more events. It is pretty interesting that you can download your favorite music and video from this site by just signing up with this site. I had done with my sign up and started downloading my favorite music and videos. Now you too make a sign up and start your downloads.

Kerchoonz not only gives the access to download music and video but it also provides a sections that allows you to join a forum chat, event talk, visiting blog of your favorite music track and one more added facility is that you can get the updates of your favorite music or singer. With all this added features this musical world site seems to be a unique from other music site which made me to create a post for this website Kerchoonz.


One more interesting feature is that, if you are either an artist or a big fan of music then you can refer any other music bands or artist so that you get paid. This is more interesting right? so just make a simple registration, enjoy the music, have fun, increase your friends list, chat with others and earn in a simple way.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Pongal - The Indian Festival

Pongal, the Indian festival, celebrated by people around the world. This pongal (14/1/2009) I had a different kind of enjoyment with my family where I had my sister and sister-in-law at my home for this festival . With all the special food items made for pongal we had our tummy full with the variety feast. With all new release movies played on television, especially my favorite Ghajini movie, I had a great time the entire day by chatting and sitting in front of the television with my whole family members around. It was the day where I dint spend time to sit in front of my system even to check my mail. Was having so much of fun on that day. The next day we had a hang out to the busy T.Nagar road making our shopping and bought some valuable items. Enjoyed a lot with my family for this pongal festival.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What According To You Is Love ????

New Year eve…. I was pondering over various things, when a mail comes- a wedding invite…… Well it was an invite for a love marriage and I started thinking about love. A sudden curiosity popped up “What do people think about love?” I went around asking my friends what they felt- and here goes a brief of what they feel: (the question I had put forward was “What according to you is love?”)

“Love is a beautiful feel that brings happiness to you by taking into the world of dreams, joy and care”

>“Understanding….. How well we understand each other, if we don’t understand then its not true one”

“It is something which will make u cry for silly stupid things but forget the whole thing for a simple smile”

“Love is desire. U can love a person for the way they look but u can also love a person for their character... But everything is finally desire”

“Mutual understanding between each other. Not let the other down in any circumstance”

“Love is a feeling. U can feel it and enjoy it but u can’t see……”

“I believe only in love towards god, father, and mother .No other love is true”

“Love is everything”

“Love is Blind”

“Time waste”

“Its pain”



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 Minutes Episode Happened 2 Days Before The End Of 2008

It was 29/12/08 the day I had the plan of watching “Vaaranam Aayiram “, my lovable Kollywood star Surya’s movie, with my neighborhood friend. The show time was at 3.15 in the afternoon in Sathyam Complex. It was 2.45 p.m and due to the burning sun-drenched climate I took my bike and waited at my friend’s residence, a two floor building with a gate and two steps stair at the entrance. I made a call to her informing about my arrival. While waiting for her, some unknown stranger who looked to be like a psychologically affected person neared making his seat in the stairs and started eating some eatable he had. He was just whispering some words within him, later started to increase the voice where I could guess that he was saying something to me. His saying was “Come and sit near me”. But I dint mind his words and did not give any kind of response. Then he took a small stone that was near by and threw on me saying the same words. I was totally stunned due to his brainless behavior and just moved away from that place. Then waited a meter away from my friend’s house and informed her to arrive to the specified location and also alerted her about the presence of the stranger. In minutes she reached me and we both made the ride to the complex.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Bye To 2008 & Hi For 2009

Welcome to the new world of 2009. Hope everyone would have given a warm welcome to this new born 2009 with lots of happiness and fire works. For every 12 months a New Year is born that brings joy and sorrow within everyone that is unavoidable. Minds of everyone wish to God asking for a smooth life with no problems around. With enjoyable midnight parties, get-together and dinners people celebrate every New Year. Jan 1st of every year is the day where people of different caste and religion unite together in order to enjoy the day and welcome the New Year. Let us wish this unity should be throughout the life till the world ends.

Wish U All A Happy & Prosperous New Year :-) :-) :-)