Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 Minutes Episode Happened 2 Days Before The End Of 2008

It was 29/12/08 the day I had the plan of watching “Vaaranam Aayiram “, my lovable Kollywood star Surya’s movie, with my neighborhood friend. The show time was at 3.15 in the afternoon in Sathyam Complex. It was 2.45 p.m and due to the burning sun-drenched climate I took my bike and waited at my friend’s residence, a two floor building with a gate and two steps stair at the entrance. I made a call to her informing about my arrival. While waiting for her, some unknown stranger who looked to be like a psychologically affected person neared making his seat in the stairs and started eating some eatable he had. He was just whispering some words within him, later started to increase the voice where I could guess that he was saying something to me. His saying was “Come and sit near me”. But I dint mind his words and did not give any kind of response. Then he took a small stone that was near by and threw on me saying the same words. I was totally stunned due to his brainless behavior and just moved away from that place. Then waited a meter away from my friend’s house and informed her to arrive to the specified location and also alerted her about the presence of the stranger. In minutes she reached me and we both made the ride to the complex.

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