Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here Comes Personalized Children’s Plate

When you check out, during the kids Birthday parties, they are very much keen in checking out the gifts that they get rather than inviting everyone for the party. It is because; it is the age where children love to have new things that are unique and different. So when you get something different for kid’s birthday they would really feel happy to have such a gift and such type of personalized gifts are provided by For example you have personalized children’s plates where you can have themes added to these plates from the different themes that are available within the site. Not only personalized gifts, you also have personalized invitation where you can have your own invitation designed in a special way. There are many other gifts that are unique and different and you can also have monogramming and embroidery work done in gifts for every age group and achievement. So get these personalized gifts for your beloved ones and enjoy the party.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Online US lawyers Database

Now everything is online? Yes, it is very much true as you can get anything by just browsing through net from the place where you have your seat. Now it is the US lawyers database that is provided online. You may find it difficult to search for best lawyers around your location. So as a solution for this, an online site provides you to search lawyers who suit your case. You can also make an attorney search from the different attorney categories provided by the site. Once you search for a particular attorney category you are provided with the different locations in US. Once you select the lawyer who suits your location, you are provided with the lawyer’s name, address and phone number. Along with this info you can views the exact location using the Google map that is also provided in this online site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Way To Movies and Music

It is true that years and decades before there were no movies and music’s as such for entertainment. It was started by some ancestors as a road show or stage show just to tell some thoughtful proverb or a play to tell the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata and more. The way they present it to the public would be in the form of acting or in the form of narrating the story with a tune and background music. They form a group with 6 to 10 members in a team assigning different role to each. There were few people who do this work in their homes with some paper characters, acting behind white screens with a light background. So as days went they just started to make it as a movie with some effects and lightings. At that time it was full of black and white movies and it took years to bring out a movie and weeks to choreograph a song. With more innovation in the movie making field came to movies and music with more animations which are now like an entertainment to all in this world.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Every Rebirth With Memories Of The Previous Generation

After everyone’s death, after a gap of one year from their death they get to rebirth in someplace in some kind; either a human being or an animal or whatever. This statement is something that I got from our elders. I am not sure whether this is true after our life. But let’s have this to be the existing fact after everyone’s death. In computers when hard disks are formatted the entire memory is erased even without a small piece of information. This is the same case after the death of humans; not only the humans in generals it’s the living things. Likewise after death the memories in brain are completely erased and when they are reborn their memories are empty about the past generation and are in the ready state to take their new generation memories.

Just think the way if those past generation memories are not erased in their new birth??? Is it good to have the past generation memories???

It would be really difficult even to imagine this situation. Many problems and confusions would occur if something strange like this happens. Some may turn strange to have their revenge, some may play dual role or something funny may happen. That’s all something that doesn’t work out and not genuine in God’s creation.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Every Day A New Day

The birth of everyone is the first day in life. It is deeply carved in mind that cannot be erased and is celebrated as their Birth Day every year with lots of fun and enjoyment. Later each and every day they open their eyes after their sleep is the new day. Many changes, many differences, many incidents occurs. No one knew what their schedule is for that day, but may have planned things to be done and followed. That’s something funny since some would be over and done with and a few may be postponed to the next new day. Within every month a new day would be occupied with some festivals or some memorable day, celebrated by everyone in the world or by the citizens of some country. The new day may turn to most memorable day or an unforgettable day or may be the worst day. For some the new day would be the last day that would take everyone into depression. That’s life. It is also understood as fate. This is something that cannot be changed as it is fixed geographically. So let us take life so ease by not thinking and worrying about the new day that is in the futures list; let’s only think about the present day that is in our hand to make it a memorable day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Diseases – The dangerous

Similar to the increase in population, technology there’s been a rapid increase in disease. It’s difficult for the specialist to identify the cause for its formation and find the tonic to solve it. Many unknown diseases still exist in this world that isn’t identified. Some disease ends up with death, some end up by leaving a way to a new one; some may just end up that is curable. These are mainly due to the carelessness of many people. In this case we may be defined as the carelessness of some industries who dispose their wastes in lakes and rivers, carelessness of some illiterates who doesn’t take the response of how to maintain their surroundings, carelessness of earth that brings out many changes and unexpected disasters to people leaving some new diseases. It’s very much difficult to see those people suffering a lot without a medicine to cure. Non conceivable ending occur like decay of parts, formation of many cells, adding Kg’s of weight in a month, physical unbalance and more deficiency that lead to some problems. So it is always better to be cautious before being infected by them rather than roaming to hospitals to cure them.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Quote " Expectation Fails " Is Very Much True

There are many quote that is true in everyone's life. Especially this quote " Expectation Fails " is very much true in my case. I expect a lot from others and it always fails. I have come across many situations where this quote comes true. Especially the expectation fails during our exam times like while you get your result you expect for some marks and you get a different marks. Next comes your life. You would have a dream about your life as how your partner should be , how you should live in future and many other expectations. But your life goes in the opposite direction of your expectation and you feel disappointed because of that.

I have this bad habit of expecting a lot especially from my friend but often they fail and none of mine has come true. Though i thought of throwing this habit away from me, it tends to come in me again, as inbuilt habits from our birth in difficult to be removed. But still i am trying to be away from all these habits.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Friends On Their Way To A C2C World

C2C, an abbreviation of College to Corporate World, is experienced by every student who finishes their college life and enters into a corporate world. Now it’s my best friends who enter into this world. They got placed in TCS and have their date of joining as 3rd March 2009 at Ahmedabad. We are a group of 5 and being a 2008 pass out we all were waiting for our date of joining from the companies we were placed. But we had a tentative month of joining as January for 3 of my friends, March for me and my other friend. But only 3 of my friends got their date of joining as March 4, 2009 and we were happy to hear that. But today they are leaving to Ahmedabad and we feel so lonely without them, because we used to have nice time by having conference talks, small fights within us, hang outs and more fun. Though we have contact with them, we are unable to get back those days we enjoyed. It’s now only me and my friend waiting for our date of joining and not aware when it would come. This write-up is for my friends whom I MISS A LOT.