Monday, November 10, 2008

Life Takers (DEATH) Gives Higher Priority To GOOd 1s.. Why SO?????

People are of different kinds. Some are bad , some are good and some are different. But its always the good people who face many problems , suffer and die before they pass halfway through life than the bad ones who enjoy their life by bringing depression and worries to others. I can say that this is true. Because i went across through many incidents where Good Hearted People Loose their life in early stage. Everyone have their day to DIE but its bad that they get it so soon. It is difficult for anyone to live for more than 90 or 100 years coz they go back to their child state at that age where they totally loose their strength and are dependent on some one for everything they do. So in that age it is good to leave from this world and enter into some other world which we call it as the REBIRTH in the same world. But some leave this world being young without even living half of their life. This is the most SAD part to hear. And the most saddest part is when one loose their Mother or Father. When these situations occur we are unable to digest or believe it.

Recently I was thrown into depression when i heard that my sisters best friends mom passed away. Few weeks before when she was riding to her office in the morning she was hit by a Van hardly. She was heavily injured and she became unconscious. Then being admitted in a near by hospital she went through many treatments and operations, but everything failed. She was such a genuine women with a soft nature, always thinking good for people. Her cute small family with a girl and a guy were shocked to hear this. I and my sis were badly upset to hear this news. It is difficult to think how a child would feel losing his or her dear mom.

I ask within myself that why are these good peoples life taken so soon from the world that brings the entire family into depression. There are many people in this world praying GOD to take their life and there are many who doesn't worth to be in this world by doing many crimes , but they live for more than 100 years. But people who wish that they should live for more than 100 years are thrown away from this world before 50 or less. WHY IS THIS????? I still don't get the answer for this question.