Friday, November 20, 2009

Shopwiki - An online guide for your shopping

Shopping, the most entertaining event for everyone gives more happiness and enjoyment to everyone. Especially online shopping is becoming like a hobby for everyone as there is no need to hang out to different places in search of a shopping store. You can find many online shopping websites that are opened for people to make their shopping online by sitting in their own place. Though you can find different online shopping store, you cannot find any online website that guides you in a correct path to make your shopping. But the very famous online shopping guide is the

Shopwiki is an interesting shopping guide directory that is useful for everyone who loves to make their shopping online. Whatever may be your shopping item, you can get the best guide from Shopwiki website. They have their own shopping guide for categories like Accessories, Arts & Crafts, Automotive, Babies & Toddlers, Collectibles & Memorabilia, Computers & Software, Electronics, Jewelry & Watches, Sports & Recreation, Weddings and similar categories that covers the shopping item list. Each category includes different items that are suited to that category and when you select the particular item from the particular category you will be given the solution for the question “How to buy”.

There is also one option that allows the users to post in their ideas and guides on shopping items. If you have any experience in providing the right guide for a particular item, you can also add a guide to Shopwiki. So before shopping online just browse though the guide and purchase the best product.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rodeo Drive – Plastic Surgery Center

Rodeo Drive is a plastic surgery center opened to help people in getting back to their original beauty which women had it before any operation or pregnancy. It is always true that women get to lose their beauty after their period of pregnancy. So for those women who have a shapeless body structure they can bring it to their old shape by undergoing the plastic surgery at Rodeo Drive. There are three different surgeries that would best suit for every woman after pregnancy, namely Mommy makeover, California tummy tuck and Los Angeles breast reduction. Every surgery costs less when compared to other plastic surgery centers and so this is a big offer for you to shape yourself within your budget.

Starting with the Mommy Makeover surgery, this surgery involves series of procedures that are done for woman after delivery to bring back their smooth shape and contours. So once you take this surgery, you gain back your complete fit and you can be proud to go to clubs and parties wearing your favorite party dress. Next coming to the California tummy tuck, this surgery helps you to get back your tummy to the normal shape. It is common that after delivery or when woman undergoes a cesarean operation, their stomach gets out of shape with different marks and lines. So when you undergo this tummy tuck operation, the line or marks are cleared and your tummy gets becomes flat and smooth.

Finally is the breast reduction, which is a surgery done for women to perform a breast lift. So likewise there are many other plastic surgeries done by this center and all the surgeons performing these surgeries are trained at the finest universities in the country and is the product of the most competitive and prestigious institutions, including Stanford University and UCLA Medical Center for general surgery and plastic surgery training.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Every Day Arises a Problem

Problem arises everyday in our life in some means. Problems may be personal problems or world problems. Every day you surf through the news paper, you can find different problems occurring in different places. Even in your same surrounding you can experience many problems. But i wounder why these problems are occurring without a pause for a long time. If one issue gets over in some part of the world, there begins another issue in some other place. Like for example the Air France Flight 447 with 228 people got disappeared in the middle ocean and other incidents. It is really hard to think about the passengers of that flight who would have suffered a lot during the crash. It is something unimaginable and heart touching breaking news. So when you hear these kind of incidents, it is really hard to digest or think about the incidents. lets pray GOD that these problems shop stop in the forthcoming years

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mom Agenda Desktop

Here is something special made for every mom from our posylane online store. It is nothing but the Mom Agenda Desktop book to note their memorable days or any appointments they have. Mom, being lovable by every kid, forgets to remember some important functions or birthday parties and so this may lead to disappointment. In order to remember these occasions posylane store has designed a personalized mom agenda desktop available with various colors like Fuchsia, Royal Blue, Lime, Chocolate, True Purple, Tangerine, and faux crocodile finishes Rose-Pink and Spring Green. With just $39.99 each, every desktop book has the feature of making note of vacation planning, address, kid’s information and lots more. This posylane online store also provides personalized monogrammed key fobs and monogrammed koozies that can be gifted to your friends or relatives. These fobs and koozies are designed from U.S.A and is 100% a genuine fabric design giving a rich and attractive look.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Young and talented Shruthi Haasan

Shruthi Haasan, daughter of the great cine industry legend Kamal Haasan, touched everyone’s heart by her first music of “Adiye Kolluthe “for Gautham Menon’s “ Vaaranam Aairam “. Being educated at the Musician’s Institute in California, she is now busy with her new projects. She is not only famous in Kollywood but is also shining at Bollywood by completing Soham Shah’s film ‘Luck’ opposite Imraan Khan. She is now been hired by his own father, padmashri Kamal Haasan, who has asked his talented daughter to compose music for his next film named “Unnaipol Oruvan” which is remake of the famous Hollywood movie “ A Wednesday”. Wishing for her success, hope she too will find an entry to shine in the cine industry similar to that of her father.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 – Best Shopping Store Search Engine

Nowadays shopping has become that easy, where people get all their required items online just by a single click. Though it is easy to get things online, you need to check out for the best online store where you can do a secure and guaranteed shopping. So in that way the best online store search engine that I would refer you is This is similar to that of Google search engine where you can search for best store to make your own shopping. At this place you have plenty of categories from which you can search for and you are provided with the guaranteed and branded online store.

So if you have planned to buy any item online, then enter into this site and choose the category under which you would like to make your purchase. Once you choose your category and select the item you wish to purchase, ShopWiki lists you the entire online shopping store names along with the price amount providing you the easiest way of making your online shopping. When you check out the team sports section you are provided with the info listing the different available sports in this world like basket ball, cricket, soccer, football and much more. When you pick out any sport like Baseball and Softball or volleyball, the site gives a short description about the sport and extends it by giving the rules and regulations required to play the game. Under some sports like volleyball you have the definition of the terms used while playing the game like serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig. So in this way you can confirm that this site is not only the place that provides you the best online stores but also feeds you with the description, definition and explanation of the categories you search for.

You have one more interesting category under Team Sports named Cheerleading Essentials. You have 3 types of Cheerleading that is school-sponsored, youth league and All-Star Cheerleading, which I came to know from this search engine site. They also have products related to this Cheerleading category that contains uniforms, megaphones, Pom Poms, shoes and cheer stuffs. So this ShopWiki in entirely similar to that of our famous Google Search engine having similar category sections enabling the easiest way to make you’re online shopping.

There are many online stores where you can buy products or accessories or items online, but they may not be a secured site giving you a 100% guarantee on the stores available. In this case you may lose dollars by buying from unregistered sites or fake online store. Just be free from these kinds of fake sites by shopping from branded online store available at “Ease shopping” means “” and make your shopping in just 4 steps.

  1. Browse through your category
  2. Select the Product
  3. Login to the Online Store
  4. Order your product

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture Of The Day - From Kodak

This is a picture which is selected as the " Picture Of the day" with the title named " Singing For Food". This is a picture taken by Linda Terranova from United states. From this picture you can easily feel the hunger of the new born waiting for their mother to feed them their food. The photographer took this instant as a picture at the early morning when she heard the singing voice of these new born birds just right outside her house. It is very much attractive and interesting when you see out instances like this early morning from your bed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In this world every new release in any field like technology, food, shopping and more hit the people only through the ads. They get to know about their usage, benefits, working process, sale place of the product, etc via these ads through either newspapers, television, cut outs, internet or in any other broadcasting medium. The media is paid by the corresponding advertisement company for broadcasting their ads to public. Due to these good broadcast people come forward to get the product which increases the rank of any product. It’s now a usual way of placing ads everywhere as banners along the roads, highways, companies that reach peoples mind in no time. And when you turn to internet communication, every site has more ads than there own topics where they too are paid for placing ads in their site. When customers get to click the ads or either they buy the products online through the sites referral, the corresponding sites are either given a commission out of the sales or they are paid a separate amount. So if you need to increase your product rank it’s better to advertise the product in any broadcasting media that reaches the customers in no time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

News On News Papers.

NEWS, acronym of North East West South information’s, are one among the media that tells the world the latest and the hot news. The news is updated till the late night and the paper is brought to stores early in the morning before everyone could wake up from their bed. Many are captivated to these news papers where they take their morning bed coffee only after finishing their entire study of news paper. Everyone in this world come to know about the world news because of these news papers. Whatever or wherever may be the hot knew it’s been updated to every people when they go through the news papers. It’s not that everyone get only news, but they too gain knowledge by knowing some innovations, talks about the role models, answers for some quiz questions and lots more. This is one of the best communication methods that would be preferred by all with low cost. Even people in rural places, being in home can know about the world news without stepping out from their door. Thanks to these Daily News Papers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here Comes Personalized Children’s Plate

When you check out, during the kids Birthday parties, they are very much keen in checking out the gifts that they get rather than inviting everyone for the party. It is because; it is the age where children love to have new things that are unique and different. So when you get something different for kid’s birthday they would really feel happy to have such a gift and such type of personalized gifts are provided by For example you have personalized children’s plates where you can have themes added to these plates from the different themes that are available within the site. Not only personalized gifts, you also have personalized invitation where you can have your own invitation designed in a special way. There are many other gifts that are unique and different and you can also have monogramming and embroidery work done in gifts for every age group and achievement. So get these personalized gifts for your beloved ones and enjoy the party.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Online US lawyers Database

Now everything is online? Yes, it is very much true as you can get anything by just browsing through net from the place where you have your seat. Now it is the US lawyers database that is provided online. You may find it difficult to search for best lawyers around your location. So as a solution for this, an online site provides you to search lawyers who suit your case. You can also make an attorney search from the different attorney categories provided by the site. Once you search for a particular attorney category you are provided with the different locations in US. Once you select the lawyer who suits your location, you are provided with the lawyer’s name, address and phone number. Along with this info you can views the exact location using the Google map that is also provided in this online site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Way To Movies and Music

It is true that years and decades before there were no movies and music’s as such for entertainment. It was started by some ancestors as a road show or stage show just to tell some thoughtful proverb or a play to tell the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata and more. The way they present it to the public would be in the form of acting or in the form of narrating the story with a tune and background music. They form a group with 6 to 10 members in a team assigning different role to each. There were few people who do this work in their homes with some paper characters, acting behind white screens with a light background. So as days went they just started to make it as a movie with some effects and lightings. At that time it was full of black and white movies and it took years to bring out a movie and weeks to choreograph a song. With more innovation in the movie making field came to movies and music with more animations which are now like an entertainment to all in this world.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Every Rebirth With Memories Of The Previous Generation

After everyone’s death, after a gap of one year from their death they get to rebirth in someplace in some kind; either a human being or an animal or whatever. This statement is something that I got from our elders. I am not sure whether this is true after our life. But let’s have this to be the existing fact after everyone’s death. In computers when hard disks are formatted the entire memory is erased even without a small piece of information. This is the same case after the death of humans; not only the humans in generals it’s the living things. Likewise after death the memories in brain are completely erased and when they are reborn their memories are empty about the past generation and are in the ready state to take their new generation memories.

Just think the way if those past generation memories are not erased in their new birth??? Is it good to have the past generation memories???

It would be really difficult even to imagine this situation. Many problems and confusions would occur if something strange like this happens. Some may turn strange to have their revenge, some may play dual role or something funny may happen. That’s all something that doesn’t work out and not genuine in God’s creation.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Every Day A New Day

The birth of everyone is the first day in life. It is deeply carved in mind that cannot be erased and is celebrated as their Birth Day every year with lots of fun and enjoyment. Later each and every day they open their eyes after their sleep is the new day. Many changes, many differences, many incidents occurs. No one knew what their schedule is for that day, but may have planned things to be done and followed. That’s something funny since some would be over and done with and a few may be postponed to the next new day. Within every month a new day would be occupied with some festivals or some memorable day, celebrated by everyone in the world or by the citizens of some country. The new day may turn to most memorable day or an unforgettable day or may be the worst day. For some the new day would be the last day that would take everyone into depression. That’s life. It is also understood as fate. This is something that cannot be changed as it is fixed geographically. So let us take life so ease by not thinking and worrying about the new day that is in the futures list; let’s only think about the present day that is in our hand to make it a memorable day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Diseases – The dangerous

Similar to the increase in population, technology there’s been a rapid increase in disease. It’s difficult for the specialist to identify the cause for its formation and find the tonic to solve it. Many unknown diseases still exist in this world that isn’t identified. Some disease ends up with death, some end up by leaving a way to a new one; some may just end up that is curable. These are mainly due to the carelessness of many people. In this case we may be defined as the carelessness of some industries who dispose their wastes in lakes and rivers, carelessness of some illiterates who doesn’t take the response of how to maintain their surroundings, carelessness of earth that brings out many changes and unexpected disasters to people leaving some new diseases. It’s very much difficult to see those people suffering a lot without a medicine to cure. Non conceivable ending occur like decay of parts, formation of many cells, adding Kg’s of weight in a month, physical unbalance and more deficiency that lead to some problems. So it is always better to be cautious before being infected by them rather than roaming to hospitals to cure them.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Quote " Expectation Fails " Is Very Much True

There are many quote that is true in everyone's life. Especially this quote " Expectation Fails " is very much true in my case. I expect a lot from others and it always fails. I have come across many situations where this quote comes true. Especially the expectation fails during our exam times like while you get your result you expect for some marks and you get a different marks. Next comes your life. You would have a dream about your life as how your partner should be , how you should live in future and many other expectations. But your life goes in the opposite direction of your expectation and you feel disappointed because of that.

I have this bad habit of expecting a lot especially from my friend but often they fail and none of mine has come true. Though i thought of throwing this habit away from me, it tends to come in me again, as inbuilt habits from our birth in difficult to be removed. But still i am trying to be away from all these habits.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Friends On Their Way To A C2C World

C2C, an abbreviation of College to Corporate World, is experienced by every student who finishes their college life and enters into a corporate world. Now it’s my best friends who enter into this world. They got placed in TCS and have their date of joining as 3rd March 2009 at Ahmedabad. We are a group of 5 and being a 2008 pass out we all were waiting for our date of joining from the companies we were placed. But we had a tentative month of joining as January for 3 of my friends, March for me and my other friend. But only 3 of my friends got their date of joining as March 4, 2009 and we were happy to hear that. But today they are leaving to Ahmedabad and we feel so lonely without them, because we used to have nice time by having conference talks, small fights within us, hang outs and more fun. Though we have contact with them, we are unable to get back those days we enjoyed. It’s now only me and my friend waiting for our date of joining and not aware when it would come. This write-up is for my friends whom I MISS A LOT.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Raptiva Causes Deadly Brain, Enroll In For Rights

Psoriasis, a disease found common among 7.6 million peoples of United States. This is a skin disease causing red thick patches in any part of the body forming an itching sensation. A drug named “Raptiva” was taken as a medicine by people who were suffering from psoriasis. This medicine was prescribed by most of the doctors for their patient suffering from psoriasis and was also commonly found in every pharmacies and medical shops. But later when FDA made a study about the effects of Raptiva, they analyzed that 2 patients were dead taking this drug. The reason they found for the death is that, a DEADLY BRAIN disease is formed within everyone who takes this drug and finally it leads to death.

Unaware of this disease many people would have spent most of their money in clearing up their bills, undertaking treatments, lost wages and many other damages. So if you are one among the person who has lost money in any of these ways then you have the entire rights to claim it back by enrolling with the Free Legal Consultation service. This service is mainly opened for people to get their own rights fulfilled. So if any one is suffering by taking this Raptiva drug or if any of your loved ones is dead due to this drug, you can ask the help of this consultation. Once you get in contact with them, they help you financially by getting back your medical bills and other payments that you spent for this drug treatment.


Friday, February 27, 2009

No One Is Equal To Your Mom

There are many people we come across in this world at different stages of life. Though we have a good relationship with others they are no way equal to your mother. Especially to say, in my life I came across many people and I don’t find anyone equal to my mom. She has that much love on me that no one could have for me. I have given many troubles and problems to her but she would be the first to care for me in any situation before anyone comes. We do have many fights, misunderstanding and other kind of dialogue controversy, but it would get solved within hours. From my birth she had got everything for me and my sister and she haven’t bought anything for her own. In my teenage time I dint read my mom properly and now I realize that she is my best friend, caretaker, lover, well wisher and all other lovable words are fit only for her. Though I don’t get all my wish come true I am so happy and thankful to god for having given me her as my mother. So just love your mother as much as you can because you couldn’t find anyone equal to her.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Bags 8 Oscars & A.R.R With 2 Oscars

It was great seeing all the Indian actors having their step over the RED carpet at the 81st Academy Awards. As the show started the movie Slumdog Millionaire started to count its Oscar Awards. There was a great excitement and expectations among everyone in the show, as they were curious to know who all would receive the Oscar award. Especially all the Indian were excited to know the result of how many awards would Slumdog Movie and A.R.Rehman would get. Slumdog with 10 nominations along with Rehman’s 3 nominations, everyone made their own prayers to win all the 10 awards. With all those prayers and wishes Slumdog Millionaire movie received 8 Oscar Award with 2 for A.R.Rehman. It was a great pleasure for India having the great Music Maestro A.R.Rehman bagging 2 Oscars for being the best Indian Music Maestro and for his own composition of Jai Ho song for the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Hats off A.R.R

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hopes For Slumdog Millionaire To Win Oscar Awards

With a combination of Danny Boyle’s direction and A.R.Rehman’s music, the movie Slumdog Millionaire has been nominated for Oscar Awards with a count of 10 along with 3 for Rehman. The movie is about a slum boy from Mumbai playing and winning dollars at the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". He faces many different people and many problems starting from his childhood till his end. This movie mainly covers the flashback of the slum boy, Jamal Malik, who explains how he comes to know all the answers for the questions asked at the game show. Along with this the director brings the life of slums in Mumbai, a love story for Jamal and also tells that even a slum can become a millionaire one day. With beautiful screenplay, choreography, Rehman songs and direction, this movie has touched all the hearts who watched out this movie which resulted in dragging the movie for Oscar Nominations. Lets pray that all the 10 Oscar Nominations are turned into Oscar Awards.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Want To Be Away From SPAM, Junk Mails & Phone Calls?

Finding irritated in getting junk mails, unwanted calls and other SPAM?

End Junk Mail

Here a service that helps you in being away from getting all these unwanted emails and calls. The Privacy Council is the service that helps you in being away from these problems. When you get signed up with this site you can post in your email id and phone number for which you need to get rid of these junks and spam emails. They would take a minimum of 7 days to fulfill your request. This Privacy Council organization is owned by HD publishing group and is a monitory service mainly opened to put an end to the unwanted junk, phone calls, SPAM and emails. This Privacy Council is a low cost removal program where you need to subscribe to this service by making a payment of just $6 per month and from then you can be are assured to be away from unwanted phone calls, junk mails and SPAM. So hurry up and make your subscription.



Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Brother’s Marriage

This was the First Christian Marriage that I have attended in my Life. It was my Brother Alwyn’s Marriage. Something I loved more in his marriage was his marriage dates. He kept his engagement on 14th Feb, the Valentine’s Day, and his marriage on 15th Feb. Day 14th night was his engagement in a marriage hall. Being an engagement it was the small relative’s crowd who landed there at night. The next day 15th Feb was the marriage. By morning 9.00 we entered the church for the marriage. The brides were dressed as per their manner. As this was the 1st Christian marriage I am attending I was just keen in checking out the way the Christians do their marriage. There were two marriages to be held that day in that church. There were three Church Father phrasing sentences from Bible and some songs about Jesus were played. Then the marriage ceremony took place as per their caste. By 12 the entire marriage session was over and returned to the marriage hall for the reception. In reception my brother’s college friends arrived and we had a nice chat by forming a round chair conference. But I really missed my sister in her Brother’s Marriage as she was unable to attend the marriage due to a problem. I enjoyed this marriage as I met my friends and brothers after a long time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day for all Lovers in this world. This day is not only for the couples who have fallen in love but also for those who have their true love for others. In this day everyone share a gift for the one whom they love the most. So when you come to couples they celebrate this day by hanging out with their beloved pair enjoying the entire day roaming around as a duo. Now it is just two more days to go for lovers to enjoy this day. But in India in some states there are many groups who are against this lovable Valentine’s Day. They are protesting against this day by doing many acts. A committee has planned to make mobile marriage on 14th Feb for those who are roaming around in pair during the day. It is hard to think why there are committees formed against this day. Hope the day goes well for all those Lovers.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zenni Opticals - Get Your Glasses Online

Zenni Optical in the New York Times?

Yeah that’s true. It is rare for optical stores to get published in the world wide known New York Times. But this Zenni Optical has got a place in New York Times under the news report “Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank “. This is because of their sale of prescribed glass for low cost and a something special about Zenni Optical is that they are sold directly to customers rather than selling using many dealers. The surprise is that you get Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! This is because of their direct deal to customers. There are many different frames with single vision lens, sun sensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens along with many other pair of glasses that suits you. I chose a pair of glasses named Stainless Steel Half-Rim Frame with Acetate Temples as that looks cool with a white frame and a design in the frame that gives a high look. Since these prescribed optical glasses cost fewer dollars it will suit for any kind of people.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Kid’s Birthday Party

It was 2nd February where I had a different enjoyment with my friend’s family. She invited us (a gang of 4) to her cousin daughter’s Birthday party. Her cousin was from abroad and also we never met or had a contact with her cousin. She just said an intro about our gang and so her cousin was curious to see us. We too had a curiosity to see her cousin and the Birthday baby and so we stepping to her house on February 2nd. By noon we reached and had a good talk with her cousin for more than 2 hours. Later started to decorate the terrace where the Birthday Party was planned to take place in the evening. Her cousin had 2 kids and they looked so great with their beautiful hair. We were fully engaged with those two kids till the eve. The Birthday baby named Vishali was dressed up in blue choli with a stone engraved crown, that took her to a place of little Princess. We really enjoyed the party with many new relations, especially with those cute bubbly kids.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comfort Wear

There are many costumes that we wear based on many occasions. Some costume suit for parties, some formal wear suits when we are out for work, some informal wear when hanging out with friends and neighbors and some more other wear. So having many kinds for different occasion we have a wear that suits for our bedtimes, what you call as lingerie. These are the best wear when you are to your bed. This sexy lingerie keeps you comfort giving you an easy fit rather like the hard clothes wrapped around you giving you the uneasy feel. The best is that you can make an online shopping of your favorite lingerie that is of low price and I got the best comfort that suited me. You get this comfort online for both men and women with the best low price, best designs, best colors and many other fits that suits you the best. So make your online shopping, get your favorite lingerie and have your night a sweet night.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ShopWiki - A Revolutionary Shopping Site

Shopping is what everyone does and is necessary in our day-to-day life. Everyone love to shop and test out new products and releases in the market. Being in the busy world it is now hard for people to take out their shopping bag and roam out to different places in order to get their required products, accessories, clothes, electronic items and lots more. So what they do is make an online shopping by sitting in their home, searching in net, selecting the best online store and finally purchase it after having a long search for online store. Sometimes there are situations where the products they buy are not properly delivered by the store nor delivered at the proper time and other problems do occur.

To our surprise there is a site the best place to make your shopping. Similar to those of the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other that is helpful in many ways; you have this ShopWiki search engine that is built uniquely for the shopping guide. In case you plan to make online shopping, just open the ShopWiki search engine and choose the category under which you need to shop or to be more simple and unique about the product just enter the required product in the search engine bar. In Google or Yahoo search engine, when you enter your requirement, a list of related links or sites are put up from which you crawl and choose a store to shop. Similar to these search engines, ShopWiki search engine gives you a list of the related and best online store with the description about the price rate and the use of the product that you searched. Based on your requirement you can select the store from which you would like to have your shopping and purchase your product in no time. This is the best and the simple way to make online shopping.

The different categories that you have in ShopWiki site are accessories, health and beauty, automobiles, clothing, computers and software, pets, office, babies and toddlers and lots more to go about. For sample consider the section of Babies and Toddlers When you check out this section you could find all the related products for babies like strollers, bags, infant clothing, play yards, feeding and all other products related to infants. From this select the best product you require and make your shopping. Checking on my favorite product, portable DVD player, I found the different online stores under the category “Household Portable DVD Player”. To my surprise I found many portable DVD players with different price range and the stores from which I can purchase.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barack Obama Takes Charge

The 44th President and the first Afro - American President Barack Obama has now taken the charge on 20/1/2009 to rule the country . He had made the history of being America's First Black President. The entire world supporters of Barack Obama had their celebration for Obama taking the prestigious President post. No one knew how he would rule the country or how he would undergo and solve the problems existing in this world. But it is all the faith that people had on Obama and selected him as the President, as they had the thought that Obama had the capability to undertake any problem and solve them. Being a black he proved that " Anything can be done by anyone ". From the day one he gave clear views to throw out terrorism from the world and he also takes measures to help the other countries to rule out the poverty

Long Live Obama ......

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wanna Play ? Sign Up With Kerchoonz

Are you a music lover? Then check this site named kerchoonz, that is fully loaded with music. I came across this interesting site when I was surfing in net. This site is unique when compared to other music sites since kerchoonz has different features like music, videos, video games and more events. It is pretty interesting that you can download your favorite music and video from this site by just signing up with this site. I had done with my sign up and started downloading my favorite music and videos. Now you too make a sign up and start your downloads.

Kerchoonz not only gives the access to download music and video but it also provides a sections that allows you to join a forum chat, event talk, visiting blog of your favorite music track and one more added facility is that you can get the updates of your favorite music or singer. With all this added features this musical world site seems to be a unique from other music site which made me to create a post for this website Kerchoonz.


One more interesting feature is that, if you are either an artist or a big fan of music then you can refer any other music bands or artist so that you get paid. This is more interesting right? so just make a simple registration, enjoy the music, have fun, increase your friends list, chat with others and earn in a simple way.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Pongal - The Indian Festival

Pongal, the Indian festival, celebrated by people around the world. This pongal (14/1/2009) I had a different kind of enjoyment with my family where I had my sister and sister-in-law at my home for this festival . With all the special food items made for pongal we had our tummy full with the variety feast. With all new release movies played on television, especially my favorite Ghajini movie, I had a great time the entire day by chatting and sitting in front of the television with my whole family members around. It was the day where I dint spend time to sit in front of my system even to check my mail. Was having so much of fun on that day. The next day we had a hang out to the busy T.Nagar road making our shopping and bought some valuable items. Enjoyed a lot with my family for this pongal festival.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What According To You Is Love ????

New Year eve…. I was pondering over various things, when a mail comes- a wedding invite…… Well it was an invite for a love marriage and I started thinking about love. A sudden curiosity popped up “What do people think about love?” I went around asking my friends what they felt- and here goes a brief of what they feel: (the question I had put forward was “What according to you is love?”)

“Love is a beautiful feel that brings happiness to you by taking into the world of dreams, joy and care”

>“Understanding….. How well we understand each other, if we don’t understand then its not true one”

“It is something which will make u cry for silly stupid things but forget the whole thing for a simple smile”

“Love is desire. U can love a person for the way they look but u can also love a person for their character... But everything is finally desire”

“Mutual understanding between each other. Not let the other down in any circumstance”

“Love is a feeling. U can feel it and enjoy it but u can’t see……”

“I believe only in love towards god, father, and mother .No other love is true”

“Love is everything”

“Love is Blind”

“Time waste”

“Its pain”



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 Minutes Episode Happened 2 Days Before The End Of 2008

It was 29/12/08 the day I had the plan of watching “Vaaranam Aayiram “, my lovable Kollywood star Surya’s movie, with my neighborhood friend. The show time was at 3.15 in the afternoon in Sathyam Complex. It was 2.45 p.m and due to the burning sun-drenched climate I took my bike and waited at my friend’s residence, a two floor building with a gate and two steps stair at the entrance. I made a call to her informing about my arrival. While waiting for her, some unknown stranger who looked to be like a psychologically affected person neared making his seat in the stairs and started eating some eatable he had. He was just whispering some words within him, later started to increase the voice where I could guess that he was saying something to me. His saying was “Come and sit near me”. But I dint mind his words and did not give any kind of response. Then he took a small stone that was near by and threw on me saying the same words. I was totally stunned due to his brainless behavior and just moved away from that place. Then waited a meter away from my friend’s house and informed her to arrive to the specified location and also alerted her about the presence of the stranger. In minutes she reached me and we both made the ride to the complex.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Bye To 2008 & Hi For 2009

Welcome to the new world of 2009. Hope everyone would have given a warm welcome to this new born 2009 with lots of happiness and fire works. For every 12 months a New Year is born that brings joy and sorrow within everyone that is unavoidable. Minds of everyone wish to God asking for a smooth life with no problems around. With enjoyable midnight parties, get-together and dinners people celebrate every New Year. Jan 1st of every year is the day where people of different caste and religion unite together in order to enjoy the day and welcome the New Year. Let us wish this unity should be throughout the life till the world ends.

Wish U All A Happy & Prosperous New Year :-) :-) :-)