Saturday, February 28, 2009

Raptiva Causes Deadly Brain, Enroll In For Rights

Psoriasis, a disease found common among 7.6 million peoples of United States. This is a skin disease causing red thick patches in any part of the body forming an itching sensation. A drug named “Raptiva” was taken as a medicine by people who were suffering from psoriasis. This medicine was prescribed by most of the doctors for their patient suffering from psoriasis and was also commonly found in every pharmacies and medical shops. But later when FDA made a study about the effects of Raptiva, they analyzed that 2 patients were dead taking this drug. The reason they found for the death is that, a DEADLY BRAIN disease is formed within everyone who takes this drug and finally it leads to death.

Unaware of this disease many people would have spent most of their money in clearing up their bills, undertaking treatments, lost wages and many other damages. So if you are one among the person who has lost money in any of these ways then you have the entire rights to claim it back by enrolling with the Free Legal Consultation service. This service is mainly opened for people to get their own rights fulfilled. So if any one is suffering by taking this Raptiva drug or if any of your loved ones is dead due to this drug, you can ask the help of this consultation. Once you get in contact with them, they help you financially by getting back your medical bills and other payments that you spent for this drug treatment.


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