Monday, September 29, 2008

Mysore Zooooooo....

Our next plan was to visit the famous Zoo. It was the afternoon that we entered to Zoo where the ticket counter was full with people buying tickets to look at the different kinds of Animals and Birds. We bought the tickets and entered the zoo where we had a God's Statue flowered with water looked like a welcome note to all.

We then entered a cave like enterance from which our walking journey started and we had to walk 3km long through a arrow marked path. This path was covered fully with animals and birds which were safe inside their caves. The visit started with different kinds of Birds. We had our most beautiful peacocks with their long colored features, colored parrots, a differently named birls which we hadn seen before and lots more. We had the chance to see a bird named "FLAMINGO" which was standing and sleeping with 1 leg. We saw camera lights flashing at the "SLEEPING BEAUTY". While sleeping the bird had its long head placed on its body. The scene had the great beauty because of the bird. Then we had a look at all different kinds of birds.

Then our visit was for animals. It started with the King Tiger. We saw our usual light brown colored Tiger and then a Black and White Tiger that was so silent and was left to roam out in a safety place that doesn't affect the visitors. All seem to be so huge in size and was fully moving inside the cave. Then moved from that place and the next was the monkey generations. We saw different styles of monkeys and they were mostly roaming in their Favourite tree. There was one monkey which had the face of a lion with a big lion teeth and it really looked stranged. But it was weird too. Then we had the Gorilla sitting in a swing looking at the visitors. Gorilla was looking so cute and silent in the swing that we thought of giving a shake with it.

Then the usual animals like Elephant, Lion, Hippopotamus, Bear, Deer. The next we entered into a cave where the snakes where found like cobra and some more kinds. Most of the snakes where having a nice sleep at the noon. Inside the zoo we there was a fountain where we could see the rainbow formed due to the fountain water and the sun rays. Many snaps were taken there too. The next on the way was Cheetah. There were 2 cheetah sitting on the roof iron rods daring at the visitors.

Finally at last we covered the entire 3 km by our work which took more than 2 hours visiting all the animals. It was like a noon walk for us with a sight scene of different animals. The animal at the starting point and the ending point was the Giraffe. Being tall they were busy in getting food for them from the available tress. One among the many Giraffe was giving a pose for the visitors snap. That was our visit to the last animal and made a quit from the Zoo.

Mysore Palace - The Kingdom of Heaven

Yesterday was a great day and a memorable day where i enjoyed a lot with my family in the trip to Mysore. Booked a Toyota Innova and started around 7.30 from Bangalore. The long ride started with melody songs and later we had our home prepared breakfast. Then the ride continued which took 3 to 3 1/2 hours to reach the most famous MYSORE PALACE. We were amazed to look at the Out View of the palace and were eager to check in. Having many rules and regulations for entering into the palace, it took some time to finish it all. 

It was the time to keep our steps into the palace. Wow it was really awesome when we entered. The ceilings were fully carved and painted in such a way that it wasn't looking like some DECADES before built palace. The paintings were so sharp an accurate that we were unable to pick up a "like faces". Every visitors were so much enjoying. We had a way through which every one should follow to visit different places. We had to take more than 50 steps to move from one room to other room. All the wooden doors were fully carved and had different designs where we touched and felt the design. Some main doors were carved with ivory. 

We saw the playing ground inside the palace where the great Prince and Princess of the palace would spend their time. Then we saw all the olden day used crowns, dining tables, record sets, dressing tables, the big camera, hand mirrors, swords used by the Raja's and lots. There are still more lots to be said. But its really great to see the palace. No one miss this palace. There were TWO BRONZE TIGERS having their strange look attracting all the visitors. We enjoyed a lot inside the palace and was difficult for us to come out even after a long walk inside.  

Dont Miss This Most Beautiful Palace If You Haven't Visited Yet.......

Monday, September 22, 2008

World's Smallest Handy PC

Next to laptop (every1's favorite Portable hand PC) here comes a Fit-PC SLIM which is 40% reduced in size when compared to a Laptop. This is been the world's smallest PC with an Integrated Geode LX display controller up to 1920x1440. With an on-board soldered memory of 512 MB it has a 2.5'' IDE 60 GB Hard Disk space. It has almost most of the features of a home PC. Adding to its feature it has an Upgradable hard disk, 3 USB 2.0 ports and integrated WiFi. There had been many launches from the Hardware Production in bringing about the miniatures like taperecorders to mp3 players, CD to DVD's and to Pen Drives, PC to Laptops and Note books, and now its from Bigger PC to a Smaller PC. This smaller PC supports both windows and linux. Being a PC with Upgradable Hard disk, there about 4 choices of Hard Disk for this Fit-PC Slim where we can add it to our comfort.

Like >>>

  • fit-PC Slim Barebones (256MB, no WiFi, no HDD) - $220
  • fit-PC Slim Diskless (512MB, WiFi, no HDD) - $245
  • fit-PC Slim Linux (512MB, WiFi, 60GB hard disk with Ubuntu and Gentoo pre-installed) - $295
  • fit-PC Slim XP (512MB, WiFi, 60GB hard disk with Windows XP Home SP3 pre-installed) - $335

  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Fake Offer Letter Providers...

    Its been a difficult JOB for people who are in search of JOBS to get their carrier started. Some get offer during their final year of U.G through On-Campus. And others try out through Off-Campus. If luck favors they get their job soon. But the rest are still in search of a Job. They seem to go to many consultancies, pay them for getting into the interview process to get a job in MNC's. But the job they get through these coonsultancies may not be satisfied when considering their degree or qualifications. Some may be satisfied and some may not be. Those not satisfied again go in serch of someother job. So the process goes like this until they are satisfied or convinient with the job.

    I was surfing through pages in a daily newspaper where I got shocked seeing a news with the Title, " Techies fall prey to job scam". The news is as follows. Many of our young techies were given a fake IBM offer letter with all genuine signs and other attachments by a person named Saravanan. A victim told to the press that he had met Saravanan during an interview in a software company and he had promised him to get an offer in IBM's Global Services. And the victim too believed that and deposited an amount of Rs 49000 in Saravanan's account. But there was no response after the deposit and so the victim contacted Saravanan again about the offer that he promised. Saravanan replied that he had sent an offer letter already and he would get it soon. Later the victim recieved the offer letter through some courier. Taking the offer with him he landed at IBM's Office to join. But there the authorities found that it was a fake offer letter and they were surprised to see many victims with those fake offers. Later they were told to lodge a complaint about the forgery.

    So dont ever believe the words of unknown person even though they seem to be genuine.

    Sony Ericssons 1st DPF

    Its been a Great launch of Touch Screen DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME by Sony Ericsson named IDP-100 digital photo frame. A new sleek, stylish, attractive and high quality display frame that has many features built-in. With a high sensitive touch screen, several options like color correction, tone enhancement and even edge enhancement are adjusted automatically to give out the best slide show of photos. IDP-100 is a 7'' WVGA (800 x 480) screen with an inbuilt Bluetooth facility for the easy share of images. This digi frame is compatible to share photos with all phones featuring M2 card, micro SD and MS Duo, SD, USB interface or Bluetooth™. An inbuilt memory of 128 MB is provided where about 500 still images can be recieved, stored and displayed in the frame.

    “Memories are priceless and irreplaceable” said Jacob Sten, Head of the accessories division at Sony Ericsson. As we all no we really love to share our memories, especially photos to our friends and neighbours. When some of our dear friends, relatives or neighbours visit our house we share our photo Album thats of the hard copy form. But due to the developing technology and increased product releases by these pioneers we get to have some new way of sharing our photos in a digital display form than that of wasting our money and bringing it in a hard copy form.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Growth in Blasts...

    Our peaceful clean land is now seen with humans red blood. It is becoming difficult to roam about to different places for site seeing due to these Bomb Blasts. To notice, the main blasts happens in Airport, Parks, Railway Stations and few more people stuffed place. Why do these blasts happen? What do they get by killing these innocent unknown peoples? Wont they stop this? When will they stop? These questions keep on running in my mind when ever i see newspapers with their headlines as " BOMB BLAST IN DELHI ", " MANY KILLED DUE TO BOMB BLAST " and so. Natural disasters like SUNAMI, EARTQUAKE takes the life of 1/4th of the population. Adding to this these blasts too remove some percentage of human population. Even though the natural disasters may or may not be prevented but these blasts can be totally stopped. But why not these budding terrorists stop this. Are they really humans? If they were really humans they wouldn't have done like this. These Bomb Keepers, to get their requirements done, they threaten the govenment by keeping LOW INTENSITY bombs added with nuts and bolts. And these bombs take a minimum number of life and bring injuries to the max. Even though 1 life is gone it worths a lot to the world and their neighbours. I wish these life takers should stop all these and give a peaceful life with no more bloods or skins seen in the land.

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Is There A Life With No Current ?????????

    Ah... Cant imagine a life without CURRENT.. Generations before there seem to be no electricity... They had only lamps and chimneys lit using kerosene.. No fan, No AC, No TV, Not much usage of current... It was difficult to find people in that dark world... But now in this Generation it seems to be difficult for people to be without current.. For me too ( its really difficult to be without current) .... In those days there were no companies or IT industries and so the generation of electricity was sufficient for every state... And now where ever you see you can find at least 1 IT industry in a area or a location... Trees that gave us shelter, fresh air and good breeze are now turned to IT places where many are employed.... But due to these there is a big shortage of electricity supply to these new brought up IT industries and other companies.... When there is no current supply for an hour or more these companies and industries use GENERATORS to supply temporary current... But how long will these Generators work???? As populations and Industries get increased there becomes a decrease or shortage in ELECTRICITY, PETROL, DIESEL till now.. And later there may be a shortage of FOOD , SHELTER and lots more, who knows ????? Lets wait and see...

    Because of these increase we people are suffering every day without current .. In my area few weeks before they used to shut down electricity supply from 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM... Then the next week the time was changed from 1. 30 PM to 3.00 PM.... And now it has been changed from 12.30 PM to 3.00 PM.... I think this shutdown timings will extend in such a way that in 24 hours may be 20 hours there would be a shutdown or in a week there may be a shutdown for 2 days.. Ahhh... Cant imagine a situation like this....

    Lets give life to more and more TREES AND PLANTS and lead a good life with NO SHORTAGE.....



    Wednesday, September 3, 2008