Monday, September 29, 2008

Mysore Palace - The Kingdom of Heaven

Yesterday was a great day and a memorable day where i enjoyed a lot with my family in the trip to Mysore. Booked a Toyota Innova and started around 7.30 from Bangalore. The long ride started with melody songs and later we had our home prepared breakfast. Then the ride continued which took 3 to 3 1/2 hours to reach the most famous MYSORE PALACE. We were amazed to look at the Out View of the palace and were eager to check in. Having many rules and regulations for entering into the palace, it took some time to finish it all. 

It was the time to keep our steps into the palace. Wow it was really awesome when we entered. The ceilings were fully carved and painted in such a way that it wasn't looking like some DECADES before built palace. The paintings were so sharp an accurate that we were unable to pick up a "like faces". Every visitors were so much enjoying. We had a way through which every one should follow to visit different places. We had to take more than 50 steps to move from one room to other room. All the wooden doors were fully carved and had different designs where we touched and felt the design. Some main doors were carved with ivory. 

We saw the playing ground inside the palace where the great Prince and Princess of the palace would spend their time. Then we saw all the olden day used crowns, dining tables, record sets, dressing tables, the big camera, hand mirrors, swords used by the Raja's and lots. There are still more lots to be said. But its really great to see the palace. No one miss this palace. There were TWO BRONZE TIGERS having their strange look attracting all the visitors. We enjoyed a lot inside the palace and was difficult for us to come out even after a long walk inside.  

Dont Miss This Most Beautiful Palace If You Haven't Visited Yet.......

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ViJaY said...

hey nice write up.. I have been to Mysore many times yaar. Particularly its great to see the Mysore palace at night.. Awesome beauty!!!