Monday, September 22, 2008

World's Smallest Handy PC

Next to laptop (every1's favorite Portable hand PC) here comes a Fit-PC SLIM which is 40% reduced in size when compared to a Laptop. This is been the world's smallest PC with an Integrated Geode LX display controller up to 1920x1440. With an on-board soldered memory of 512 MB it has a 2.5'' IDE 60 GB Hard Disk space. It has almost most of the features of a home PC. Adding to its feature it has an Upgradable hard disk, 3 USB 2.0 ports and integrated WiFi. There had been many launches from the Hardware Production in bringing about the miniatures like taperecorders to mp3 players, CD to DVD's and to Pen Drives, PC to Laptops and Note books, and now its from Bigger PC to a Smaller PC. This smaller PC supports both windows and linux. Being a PC with Upgradable Hard disk, there about 4 choices of Hard Disk for this Fit-PC Slim where we can add it to our comfort.

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  • fit-PC Slim Barebones (256MB, no WiFi, no HDD) - $220
  • fit-PC Slim Diskless (512MB, WiFi, no HDD) - $245
  • fit-PC Slim Linux (512MB, WiFi, 60GB hard disk with Ubuntu and Gentoo pre-installed) - $295
  • fit-PC Slim XP (512MB, WiFi, 60GB hard disk with Windows XP Home SP3 pre-installed) - $335

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    Rakesh said...

    Wow nice to hear that news. Nice blog. Keep it up.