Monday, September 29, 2008

Mysore Zooooooo....

Our next plan was to visit the famous Zoo. It was the afternoon that we entered to Zoo where the ticket counter was full with people buying tickets to look at the different kinds of Animals and Birds. We bought the tickets and entered the zoo where we had a God's Statue flowered with water looked like a welcome note to all.

We then entered a cave like enterance from which our walking journey started and we had to walk 3km long through a arrow marked path. This path was covered fully with animals and birds which were safe inside their caves. The visit started with different kinds of Birds. We had our most beautiful peacocks with their long colored features, colored parrots, a differently named birls which we hadn seen before and lots more. We had the chance to see a bird named "FLAMINGO" which was standing and sleeping with 1 leg. We saw camera lights flashing at the "SLEEPING BEAUTY". While sleeping the bird had its long head placed on its body. The scene had the great beauty because of the bird. Then we had a look at all different kinds of birds.

Then our visit was for animals. It started with the King Tiger. We saw our usual light brown colored Tiger and then a Black and White Tiger that was so silent and was left to roam out in a safety place that doesn't affect the visitors. All seem to be so huge in size and was fully moving inside the cave. Then moved from that place and the next was the monkey generations. We saw different styles of monkeys and they were mostly roaming in their Favourite tree. There was one monkey which had the face of a lion with a big lion teeth and it really looked stranged. But it was weird too. Then we had the Gorilla sitting in a swing looking at the visitors. Gorilla was looking so cute and silent in the swing that we thought of giving a shake with it.

Then the usual animals like Elephant, Lion, Hippopotamus, Bear, Deer. The next we entered into a cave where the snakes where found like cobra and some more kinds. Most of the snakes where having a nice sleep at the noon. Inside the zoo we there was a fountain where we could see the rainbow formed due to the fountain water and the sun rays. Many snaps were taken there too. The next on the way was Cheetah. There were 2 cheetah sitting on the roof iron rods daring at the visitors.

Finally at last we covered the entire 3 km by our work which took more than 2 hours visiting all the animals. It was like a noon walk for us with a sight scene of different animals. The animal at the starting point and the ending point was the Giraffe. Being tall they were busy in getting food for them from the available tress. One among the many Giraffe was giving a pose for the visitors snap. That was our visit to the last animal and made a quit from the Zoo.


AD Team said...

Hey, I haven't been to those places. These places are now added to my must-go-places list.
Thanks for the overview about the Zoo.

Karthik said...

nice blog keep it up!!!!!