Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sony Ericssons 1st DPF

Its been a Great launch of Touch Screen DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME by Sony Ericsson named IDP-100 digital photo frame. A new sleek, stylish, attractive and high quality display frame that has many features built-in. With a high sensitive touch screen, several options like color correction, tone enhancement and even edge enhancement are adjusted automatically to give out the best slide show of photos. IDP-100 is a 7'' WVGA (800 x 480) screen with an inbuilt Bluetooth facility for the easy share of images. This digi frame is compatible to share photos with all phones featuring M2 card, micro SD and MS Duo, SD, USB interface or Bluetooth™. An inbuilt memory of 128 MB is provided where about 500 still images can be recieved, stored and displayed in the frame.

“Memories are priceless and irreplaceable” said Jacob Sten, Head of the accessories division at Sony Ericsson. As we all no we really love to share our memories, especially photos to our friends and neighbours. When some of our dear friends, relatives or neighbours visit our house we share our photo Album thats of the hard copy form. But due to the developing technology and increased product releases by these pioneers we get to have some new way of sharing our photos in a digital display form than that of wasting our money and bringing it in a hard copy form.

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