Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Friends On Their Way To A C2C World

C2C, an abbreviation of College to Corporate World, is experienced by every student who finishes their college life and enters into a corporate world. Now it’s my best friends who enter into this world. They got placed in TCS and have their date of joining as 3rd March 2009 at Ahmedabad. We are a group of 5 and being a 2008 pass out we all were waiting for our date of joining from the companies we were placed. But we had a tentative month of joining as January for 3 of my friends, March for me and my other friend. But only 3 of my friends got their date of joining as March 4, 2009 and we were happy to hear that. But today they are leaving to Ahmedabad and we feel so lonely without them, because we used to have nice time by having conference talks, small fights within us, hang outs and more fun. Though we have contact with them, we are unable to get back those days we enjoyed. It’s now only me and my friend waiting for our date of joining and not aware when it would come. This write-up is for my friends whom I MISS A LOT.

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