Monday, March 16, 2009

Every Rebirth With Memories Of The Previous Generation

After everyone’s death, after a gap of one year from their death they get to rebirth in someplace in some kind; either a human being or an animal or whatever. This statement is something that I got from our elders. I am not sure whether this is true after our life. But let’s have this to be the existing fact after everyone’s death. In computers when hard disks are formatted the entire memory is erased even without a small piece of information. This is the same case after the death of humans; not only the humans in generals it’s the living things. Likewise after death the memories in brain are completely erased and when they are reborn their memories are empty about the past generation and are in the ready state to take their new generation memories.

Just think the way if those past generation memories are not erased in their new birth??? Is it good to have the past generation memories???

It would be really difficult even to imagine this situation. Many problems and confusions would occur if something strange like this happens. Some may turn strange to have their revenge, some may play dual role or something funny may happen. That’s all something that doesn’t work out and not genuine in God’s creation.

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