Thursday, March 12, 2009

Every Day A New Day

The birth of everyone is the first day in life. It is deeply carved in mind that cannot be erased and is celebrated as their Birth Day every year with lots of fun and enjoyment. Later each and every day they open their eyes after their sleep is the new day. Many changes, many differences, many incidents occurs. No one knew what their schedule is for that day, but may have planned things to be done and followed. That’s something funny since some would be over and done with and a few may be postponed to the next new day. Within every month a new day would be occupied with some festivals or some memorable day, celebrated by everyone in the world or by the citizens of some country. The new day may turn to most memorable day or an unforgettable day or may be the worst day. For some the new day would be the last day that would take everyone into depression. That’s life. It is also understood as fate. This is something that cannot be changed as it is fixed geographically. So let us take life so ease by not thinking and worrying about the new day that is in the futures list; let’s only think about the present day that is in our hand to make it a memorable day.

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