Monday, March 9, 2009

Diseases – The dangerous

Similar to the increase in population, technology there’s been a rapid increase in disease. It’s difficult for the specialist to identify the cause for its formation and find the tonic to solve it. Many unknown diseases still exist in this world that isn’t identified. Some disease ends up with death, some end up by leaving a way to a new one; some may just end up that is curable. These are mainly due to the carelessness of many people. In this case we may be defined as the carelessness of some industries who dispose their wastes in lakes and rivers, carelessness of some illiterates who doesn’t take the response of how to maintain their surroundings, carelessness of earth that brings out many changes and unexpected disasters to people leaving some new diseases. It’s very much difficult to see those people suffering a lot without a medicine to cure. Non conceivable ending occur like decay of parts, formation of many cells, adding Kg’s of weight in a month, physical unbalance and more deficiency that lead to some problems. So it is always better to be cautious before being infected by them rather than roaming to hospitals to cure them.

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