Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mom Agenda Desktop

Here is something special made for every mom from our posylane online store. It is nothing but the Mom Agenda Desktop book to note their memorable days or any appointments they have. Mom, being lovable by every kid, forgets to remember some important functions or birthday parties and so this may lead to disappointment. In order to remember these occasions posylane store has designed a personalized mom agenda desktop available with various colors like Fuchsia, Royal Blue, Lime, Chocolate, True Purple, Tangerine, and faux crocodile finishes Rose-Pink and Spring Green. With just $39.99 each, every desktop book has the feature of making note of vacation planning, address, kid’s information and lots more. This posylane online store also provides personalized monogrammed key fobs and monogrammed koozies that can be gifted to your friends or relatives. These fobs and koozies are designed from U.S.A and is 100% a genuine fabric design giving a rich and attractive look.

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