Monday, January 12, 2009

What According To You Is Love ????

New Year eve…. I was pondering over various things, when a mail comes- a wedding invite…… Well it was an invite for a love marriage and I started thinking about love. A sudden curiosity popped up “What do people think about love?” I went around asking my friends what they felt- and here goes a brief of what they feel: (the question I had put forward was “What according to you is love?”)

“Love is a beautiful feel that brings happiness to you by taking into the world of dreams, joy and care”

>“Understanding….. How well we understand each other, if we don’t understand then its not true one”

“It is something which will make u cry for silly stupid things but forget the whole thing for a simple smile”

“Love is desire. U can love a person for the way they look but u can also love a person for their character... But everything is finally desire”

“Mutual understanding between each other. Not let the other down in any circumstance”

“Love is a feeling. U can feel it and enjoy it but u can’t see……”

“I believe only in love towards god, father, and mother .No other love is true”

“Love is everything”

“Love is Blind”

“Time waste”

“Its pain”



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