Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bloggers Get More Than The Techies :-)

Its been days for blogger where they get to earn more than 30K PM than those of their friends who earn being a software engineer or any other. Being an engineer you had to spend the entire day, strain yourself , be busy and stress your mind but in the case of a blogger you just need to spend sometime for creating a new post and post it in blog where the contents may be of their own wish. Only for those of the Paid Post the blogger needs to think for a while and write the related contents for it. For all those approved posts they are paid in dollars " $ ". So every one get a blog for their own, post their own interested topics and also share it with their known and unknown friends. Some make a dual role by working for their office in the work time and writing post in the remaining time and so their monthly income hits more than lacks. Recently as the share market was down, IT field also went down where every techies where either made to wait for there DOJ or some where thrown out due to the lack of projects and so they are now turning into blogger and started to earn. Once a blog or website is owned for $'s they get more invites and opportunities for the paid post where they earn more than 100$ a month. And im being a techie waiting for my DOJ started with this blog writing to fight against being idle. lol.. Many of my friends started being a blogger during the college days and are now having an account balance of more than 1 lakh. Some used the amount in a good way by getting bikes, media players, mobiles and more. "Hats off " to these sites who help us creating blogs and earn through it.

Proud To Be A Blogger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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