Sunday, December 21, 2008

Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare is a kind of game that we play often during our free class hours or during group hang outs or in some occasions trying to pull out some friends legs. The game can be considered as an indoor game as well as out door game. Here we use some object to pin point, who will take up the challenge and who will be the player of the game. Now the player should choose the option of answering Truth or taking up the Dare. It is left to them. So if the player choose Truth then they will be questioned for which they had to give the true answer, and if they choose Dare then they had to take up some challenge from the opponent and do it without any forgery. So as long as everyone is out from the game by doing some mistake it can be continued. Hope this would be interesting when there is a group with more than 6 to 7 members. Just try it and have fun.

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