Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here's The Wish That Comes True

Got a wish????

It is true that everyone has a wish and would be happy when it comes true. Do you have a wish ???? If so tell it to our sweet Santa and make it come true.

Here you go. Just take a look at this interesting, different online video
" Sit on Santa's Lap Experience " where i had a chance to upload my favorite photo to view in this sleek CEIVA digital photo frame and make a wish to Santa. The Photo i uploaded was my New Sweet Home's Photo with my favorite Mickey and Mini picture on my Sweet Home's door and was so happy to see my photo fit in CEIVA digital photo frame. This digital photo frame is not like the other digital frame that you get it everywhere. It is a 8" photo frame where you can get photos from anywhere in the world, its not mandatory that you should connect your CEIVA digital frame to your PC and transfer the photos. You can directly send photos to your photo frame using the PICTURE PLAN feature available with this photo frame. What you need is just to hook this with a phone line or via Broadband or via Wi-Fi and enjoy sharing your photos to anywhere around the world. I shared this video with my close friends and they too made their wish to SANTA and entered a contest. Now there is a special offer for this X-Mas where you get a discount of $100 and you have a CONTEST where you have a chance to get a prize of $500. What is all you need to do is watch the " Sit on Santa's Lap Experience " video which includes to upload your favorite photo and make your wish. Once you do this, your wish with your name in Registered in Santa's make Wish Book and one randomly entry selected for each day of the contest gets the cash prize.