Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CEIVA Digital HD Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

When you have a look at your favorite photos in motion in a digital photo frame you feel some kind of happiness. But I would assure you that when you see your Favorite Photos in motion in CEIVA Digital HD Photo Frame then you not only feel the happiness within you, but you will get to imagine the true occasion while the photo was taken since you are viewing with the CEIVA photo frame which has a HD screen providing you a crystal clear real picture. This is 8” photo frame where you can directly transfer your photos from your camera phone or email. After you take snaps with you camera mobile, which is of small resolution, you will like to view it in a better resolution and now it is CEIVA photo frame that helps you. With the of the PICTURE PLAN that is provided with this photo frame you can directly send or share photos to CEIVA photo frame without the need of a computer. What you need to do is just connect this photo frame via an existing phone line or Wi-Fi and then start transferring photos from either a mobile phone or computer or email or you can also send or receive these photos to or from your friends present anywhere in this world. This feature is something unique in this photo frame from other where you cannot send or receive photos from anywhere in this world. You can also directly upload unlimited photos from your CEIVA photo frame memory card to any other storage medium.


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