Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pets - The Best Company

When you think of pets first that comes into mind is dog. Dogs are the best pets for the human who have interest in having pets. Next stands the cat, Parrot, love birds and more.Dogs are so brilliant that they could differentiate with their owners and other strangers. They play the role of guarding the house and the owner from other unknown strangers. The power of intelligence is more for dogs when compared to other pets. For example when there in an Earth Quake to occur, the earth’s initial vibration is sensed by them before humans and they alert people to move out from the place with their barking voice, though humans doesn’t and couldn’t realize the exact meaning for there voice. Some high breed dogs are trained by the higher police officials that help them to solve some of the cases by finding the criminals. The latest breed of dog named Pug, also used in Hutch ads, is of great demand with its cute small body and innocent nature. The days have also started for rats where they are grown up as pets in some countries, though in some places they just roam inside homes creating nu sense and rat deceases in and around.

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