Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My 1st Canvas Painting

Painting is one of my Hobby, and also Pencil Sketching. I would love to do this from my child hood days. I never joined painting classes or drawing class to learn them. From my school days i had an interest of admiring some pictures and tried to bring it out exactly in a paper. My parent's and friends used to encourage my work. So from then i decided to add Painting and pencil sketching in my Hobby list. I maintained a book to have my work neatly done. Later i started to participate in many painting competitions and won many prizes. And was little busy with my studies as years went on and dint have the exact time to spend for my Hobby. But when felt bored or when i see at some picture that impressed me, i would bring it out in my drawing book. Later during my 11th and 12th i started to draw and paint pictures in my Computer using the the Paint Tool option. But since my system was infected by Virus i was unable to get the backup of my computer paintings, which made me to enter into the world of sorrow. So after that i kept my hobby idle for years. During my college days, during class hours when being bored by my Lectures giving so many Lectures i started to sketch some pictures in my book, and i decided to have this as one of my work in college. lol. And finally during my Sem holidays i planned to paint pictures in charts. So i did two of my paintings in some kind of chart that i bought. And seeing my work in that my sister gave me a suggestion to show my work in the Canvas sheet that was meant for professional painters. But not being a professional painter i first rejected to work on it. But as my sister compelled i started my work in the Canvas Sheet and it came out very well than what we both expected. No one believed that i did it but had to believe it ,since it was a work done by my hand. LOL

My 1st Canvas Painting >>>>

2 Of My Paintings Done In A Chart >>>>>>


Anonymous said...

fantabulous work.... u have a gifted hands.... keep it up..

charu..... said...

Thank u.. may i know who is this