Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Power of Eyes

The most powerful part in Human is the Paired Eyes, Coz without eyes it is difficult for people to do anything and also eyes speak a lot more than the mouth. Especially Girls eyes are very special where guys get impressed. Eyes have different styles of presenting a situation. We can understand anyone's thought by just reading someones eyes. The truth that is in anyone's heart is clearly shown in eyes. So its difficult for someone to hide the truth. There are situations, like in colleges where students do many face and eye reactions hearing to seminars from their lectures that brings fun to everyone and punishments to the concern student. lol.. Eyes get to have a look, cry, smile, stare, and sleep when they are tired. One should be lucky to have beautiful eyes which attracts all in seconds. Some have colored eye balls like blue, brown, cat's eye and more... Those are all gifted by God where everyone cannot have it....

Eye to Eye

Staring Eyes

Just a Look

Shy Eyes


sweet_shelo said...

Hmmmm Your post is very true. The eyes are very essential to our existence. One cannot totally see the beauty of life without them. our eyes are the windows of our soul. The eyes speak and reveal our inner feelings..

Nice post you have here!! I love the Green eyes " Eye to Eye".. those are bewitching!!!

ViJaY said...

Eyes are beautiful indeed!!! Thalaivi rox!! ;)

AD said...

Nice post.
You need not long for those pair of colored eyes anymore. All u need to buy is a contact-lens! They are available in various colors and u can change them suitable for the occasion.