Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big ? Mark For CTS , Wipro Placed 2008 Passouts

U.G students were given a great opportunity of being placed in a company during their college days from the On-Campus and Off - Campus recruitment program conducted in colleges. Those placed through these Campus program where immediately called as soon as they finished their U.G course leaving their last step in college. But now due to the recent drop down in the share market the IT field was also down and hence there was a delay in calling the placed U.G graduated and also in some companies the recruitment process is been stopped for some months. The delay was about for a period of more than 3 to 4 months for some college students and also a year for some college students.

Today when i went through the daily News Paper I was shocked to see the topic " Students of IT sceptical about employment offers ". It was a talk given by the Osmania University. There were about 70 placed students of the 2007 pass outs who weren't called till now. And the Top companies like Wipro and Cognizant may call the 2008 pass outs with a delay of 3 more months .

Shocked Right!!!! Yes even i was really shocked after reading this news. Already the Tentative Month of Joining given for 2008 pass outs by Wipro and Cognizant was like from September 2008 to March or May 2009. And in this condition if there is a delay for 3 more months - O My God!!! Can't even imagine this situation. I think it would be even more worse in this situation. Because being a fresher it is difficult to get a Job in a well reputed company too. Its almost a waste of 1 year for those who are just waiting for their DOJ. Hope we can either try for some temporary job or can search for some other permanent job.

Will the placed 2008 pass outs be called????? A BIG ?????????

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Anonymous said...

yes the situation is not good . But it is not easy to find a temporary job other than call centre jobs but now even that isn't very easy either.It is like a good degree at a wrong time for most.