Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dreamzzzzzzz - Silent Lovers Place

Dreamzzzzzzz ..... The world where anyone can enjoy their moments with their Loved one. We can create our own situation with our loved sweet heart and enjoy to the core. Dreams - not only meant for the night occasion, it can be formed Any Time, Anywhere, On Anyone. This Dream is really special to those who had fallen in Love with some one secret within them. Coz its that our dream cannot be predicted by any one and so its hard for any one to find our dream boy or girl. Some times Dreams are strange when we get dreams as though we are cot by someone or we are beaten by someone or some other strange one that brings out fear. I think in this way Dreams can be divided into 2 forms like USUAL DREAM and UNUSUAL DREAM :) according to me. Like for example, we can say a dream as an Unusual Dream when a strange dream comes after our deep sleep and makes us to get out of our bed or this may also be a memorable sweet dream , and we can say a dream as Usual Dream when we tend to dream before our sleep or in any other time or place :)

Our Dream Starts >>>>>

@ 1st is before when we enter into the world of deep sleep, by just thinking of the past happened moments
@ when we are alone at home
@ when the climate is too cool with a nice breeze and rain
@ when we are seated near our lovable person
@ when we hear to our favorite song
@ when we see any heart touching love scene
@ when we miss someone
@ when we see some other lovers in beach or in any other place
@ when we attend love marriages
@ when we hear the world love

Funny places where we tend to Dream (
may be a strange Dream too) >>>>>

@ when our staffs are taking seminars
@ at office meetings
@ when some elderly persons starts their advices
@ when getting scolding
@ when we are told to wait for some time to meet the higher official



Nithya said...

Hi da...the content is good... but instead of giving general comments on dreams u could fill ur blog with ur own dreams... that will be much more interesting... epdiyum vettiya dhane irukoam...dreams neraya continue ur dreams and put that here...

AD Team said...

Nice research on the Dreams!!
What is that, Auto dreams and Manual dreams story!??
Is it a vehicle to have auto gear and manual gear!
The first part of the post is like the answers(actually "story") that we will invent for the 16mark questions in exams!! ^_^ hehe

The second part is nice and amusing. :D

charu..... said...

Ha ha changed :)

Ivana said...

great article.anyway, thx for visiting my
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