Friday, August 29, 2008

FRIENDSHIP - A Gud Relationship

They are the 1st Best Friends to be got in this world when we are born.. Yeah they are our own PARENT'S ... They are and will be our life time friends , no doubt.... 1st i would like to say is that dont ever hurt ur parents.. Even if they shout at u for some reason dont give a back reply for everything.. just be silent and hear what they say.. later when they are to their normal form just in silent sweet words convince them.. That would make them wash out all anger on you... This is the good friendship between us and our parents...This is by birth endless relationship... Some may realize and some may not...

In this big world with lots of people around us it is really very difficult to get a good friend who would understand us, care for us, guide us in a good path and the main point is that it is difficult to have that good friend till our DEATH... We may get different friends during our school days , college days and so.. and also our friends may be our relative or a neighbor or a family friend.. WHETHER THOSE FRIENDS WILL STAY WITH US TILL OUR LIFE ENDS ?????? A big question mark here... There may be only few people whose friendship lasts for ever.. If so they are the good , best , loving friends...

Some of the REASONS why friends doesn last forever >>>>>

1. When they dont understand each other
2. Some friends lose their close friends after their marriage
3. Through Possessiveness
4. When working in somewhere abroad far away from their frnds
5. Getting angry for all silly things that is done by the friend
6. Out of jealousy and lots more....

These are some qualities within every1 which is born along with their birth.. Even though these cannot be changed these can be adjusted between friends in order to make that friendly relationship everlasting...

"A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."

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S Ruygene said...

Nice post on friends. I like the write up.
I agree to the reasons u have listed.