Friday, August 15, 2008

Gud Medicine When Upset..

Upset... The word comes within every when their mood is OFF..But Why ????? Its coz when we get scoldings from any1 or if when we fail in doing something or when our close friends move away from us or when our love is a failure.. Only these few are not the reasons, there are a lots to say.. I had experienced some of these situations many times and had been upset to the core.. But the best medicine i ever use to remove my sadness is by hearing to melodies.. Songs, the best and only company that brings our mood back to a normal condition..

Few days before i had a great scoldings from my mom for the mistake i did.. Even though it was my mistake i was upset coz i got the scoldings na.. So what i did is I went for a walk to beach (alone), then had myself occupied in a boat near the shore end then took my mp3 player from my hand bag and played my favorite melodies... Hearing to these melodies my eyes went towards the sound making waves which tried to come and touch my legs... But the waves were unable to since i was a meter away from them... Just enjoyed those waves sitting in the boat for more than a hour...But rain and night was above me, so had to leave that precious loneliness and everything. Even i left my sorrows and past happenings of the day seeing the beauty of nature... Then finally turned off my mp3 and returned to my home... I really enjoyed that eve with boat, breeze, waves and my mp3 loaded fully with SONGS SONGS and only SONGSSSSSS... Yeah im a damm lover of songs...Hope many are like me... I can assure u that ur mood changes good when u hear to your lovable songs... So i always consider songs as my best medicine when im upset...

Some of my melodies >>>>>

1> Akkam Pakkam (Kireedom)
2> Anbe En Anbe (Dhaam Dhoom)
3> Enna ithu Enna Ithu (Nalathamayanthi)
4> Solvayo Solaikili(Alli Arjuna)
5> Manmadhaney (Manmadhan)
6> Melliname Melliname(Shajahan)
7> Mudhal Mazhai(Bheema)
8> Un Pani Thuli(Kanda Naal Mudhal)
9> Thean Thean thean(kuruvi)
10> Uyire Uyire Piriyathe(Santhosh Subramanium)
11> Vizhiyil Un Vizhiyil(Kireedom)
12> Vazhiye En Uyir Vazhiye(Dhaam Dhoom)

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